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Oh H#LL NO!!!

This is a discussion on Oh H#LL NO!!! within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Originally Posted by Chris0673 I have no idea what the pipe looks like. That's why I was so excited about ...

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    Re: Oh H#LL NO!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris0673 View Post
    I have no idea what the pipe looks like. That's why I was so excited about getting it. And frankly, whoever the b@sterd is that has it is probably smoking that green tobacco so I'd never be able to smoke it again...you know how the military is on that particular brand of tobacco.

    On the upside...I've got about 2 pounds of Squadron Leader that was still in the box!
    This is also in response to your email. I have no idea about the exact inventory on what I sent you.
    All the tobaccos were in ziplocs and in a can or two if I remember. Maybee about a dozen or so.
    All the other items was in a red paisley metal retangular cookie tine. about 10 inches long, five inches wide and about 5 inches hide.
    Inside that tin(and I am trying to remember) was a savinelli pipe inside a cotton or linen bag(I believer the protective bag was blue) A few containers of high quality pipe cleaners, with the spikes on them. A couple of different pipe tools.
    For the life of me, I cant remember, but knowing myself, I probably put other things in that container it was pretty full.

    At least you got some of the tobacco.

    Much regards Jerry

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    Re: Oh H#LL NO!!!

    Jerry, all that was left in the little red box was the pipe tools (I like that nail BTW), pipe cleaners, and the filters. But there was a ton of tobacco in the box.

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    Re: Oh H#LL NO!!!

    I'm sure that it depends on the individual post office, but I used to have this problem. I work swing shift, and I'm always home when the mailman comes by. I complained about the mailman not even knocking on my door at the desk at the post office and nothing happened. Then I asked to speak to the head honcho there, and not only has the problem disappeared, I got an apology from the mailman. Apparently the word has gone out, as I now have a new carrier, and she knocks on the door with every package. (kinda cute, as well; a step up in USPS service! )

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