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Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

This is a discussion on Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell" within the General Pipe Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I put "smell" because I've found if i use the word "aroma" then all people seem to be able to ...

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    Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    I put "smell" because I've found if i use the word "aroma" then all people seem to be able to suggest to me are cherry and or vanilla. That's not what I'm looking for, not at all.

    I don't smoke. If I could convince my boyfriend to smoke pipe tobacco over cigarettes I'd be a very happy lady. Alas, I settle for using oil burners to warm tobacco to give my rooms the fragrance I enjoy.

    I've come to you with a problem! I relocated to the east coast and I cannot for the life of me find a tobacco I like to "burn". I've tried a few shops, I've had friends give me samples of theirs, nothing has compared to the custom blend I was able to get up in Alaska, which was handmade for me by a lovely gentleman with a very good nose, after I brought in a sample of "Prudhoe Bay" Tobacco in the late 90s. He's since passed on, and his business was sold, and everyone I call to try and get an idea of what "Prudhoe Bay" tobacco was has no idea what I'm talking about, it was simply too long ago.

    So, I will endeavor to give you an idea of what I'm looking for, and hopefully your esteemed minds can suggest something better than Prince Albert Cherry Vanilla, because that's all anyone around here seems to consider (it is ghastly, I cannot stand the smell of it). That's the starting end of "absolutely not like this" so consider what that smells like and then get as far away from it as you can. I'm not looking for sweet, or fruity, or light. I'm looking for thick, rich, heady, roll it around on your tongue and swallow it whole "smell". The Prudhoe Bay tobacco was a pitch black sticky wet tobacco, it smelled of musk, and clove, and cinnamon, and peat, and woodsmoke, and leather, and a dozen other fragrances I have no name for. In my mind it was the epitome of a man's manly smell, old spice to the nth degree. It was not bitter, or sour, as so many of the tobaccos i've tried. It was smooth, confidant, complex, and just a little bit arrogant - James Bond driving an Aston Martin while drinking a martini ...shaken, not stirred.

    If you've got a recommendation, I'd love to hear it! I miss the tobacco fragrance wafting through my home so very much.

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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    So you put the tobacco in the oil bowl and just heat that over the fire in place of oil? Never thought of that sounds interesting. I've recently recieved many samples and one tobacco stood out in my mind. C&D berry good. I can sit and smell the jar I have of it for days.

    A second thought would be just simple Dunhill's early morning pipe, straight from the tin to me it smells very earthy and leathery. Might be good heated over a burner?

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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"


    Not asking for much

    Have you tried any of the black rope tobaccos? Over this side of the pond it's called Black Bogie. Leather, licorice, perhaps a touch of musk. I'd say that it's definitely worth a spin if it's a "manly" tobacco you are after. Definitely ticks that box.

    The US forum members will be able to give you the name this goes by locally. There are a number of variants of it. The less cooked type, which is a bit rougher, goes by the more than slightly fay name of Happy Bogie in the US. In the UK it's Brown Bogie. The rum topped version may also be what you're looking for.

    Black Bogie Aromatic. Should have occurred to me immediately. I smoke this one regularly; out of my mind straight off as I am working through some other variants. Not aromatic in the usual sense; it's got a touch of "Lakeland Essence" in it which may give the floral notes that you might be after. Not a whole lot of Lakeland, but a bit of a lift to it compared to the standard one.

    If I were to put my money on anything, it would be Black Bogie Aromatic.

    Over to the US correspondents for the local name and availablility...

    (Just re-read your post. The more I look at it the more I'm convinced that one of the ropes is what you need. The Early Morning Pipe suggestion from Andrew also has merit; the Latakia in the blend gives the smokiness you mention. It does have other Orientals which can give sour notes, however.)
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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    Quote Originally Posted by blu View Post
    ...I'm looking for thick, rich, heady, roll it around on your tongue and swallow it whole


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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    If it were me I would find a real tobacco shop (not a roll your own/headshop type), they are getting hard to find these days. Mostly what we have around here are cigar shops with a few aromatic bulk blends in some jars on the counter. These bulk aros don't offer me, as a pipe smoker, much but might just be what you are looking for. Find one of these places and simply go in and "smell" the jars. They keep the jars where the public can get to them for just this purpose, so you can lift the lid and test the aroma. You will probably find something that appeals to you from this little experiment and bulk blends by the ounce are pretty cheap.

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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    Are you looking for one of the tobaccos they sold in the oilfield/general stores in Alaska?

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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    Most of the suggestions here contain Latakia. It's pretty distinctive. Pretty black too, like the described tobacco. If the OP can get to a friendly tobacconist it out to be easy for her to check if Latakia is one of the ingredients.

    Can you which blends you have tried that DON'T match your expectations?
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    Re: Pipe Tobacco suggestion, for "smell"

    I think you're right steinr1, the Latakia is sounding like it was probably a major component of the original blend. the ones i've tried have all been what i suspect are your bottom barrel selections, a 4-8$ for an ounce or two, prince albert, velvet, so on. i haven't been able to find a "real" tobacco shop, i keep googling them up and trying a different one when i burn out the old pouch.

    There are some very promising sounding selections suggested here, I'm going to seek these out (having a name to ask after when I call stores up should help the shop finding too) and give them a try. I was able to find a British internet supplier who will ship overseas, so I've already ordered up a bit of black bogie, it sounds excellent.

    I appreciate all of your suggestions gentlemen, thank you!


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