I was gonna post a thread about the new cob pipes from Missouri Meerschaum, but it looks like someone beat me to the punch -http://www.puff.com/forums/vb/general-pipe-forum/340299-new-cobbit-series-mm.html

But here's some more cob extras for ya:

aristocob.com is, admittedly, not the cheapest source out there for MM cobs (last I checked, that trophy was still held by marscigars.com). But aristocob.com is a great vendor that I've used more than once, and they deserve a look if for no other reason than they sell two unique items that I've never seen anywhere else:

Replacement OEM ferrules in case you lose one - Site Disclaimer - Aristocob

And freehand vulcanized replacement stems - Site Disclaimer - Aristocob

The freehand stem only comes in bent, but will fit any filtered cob (rendering it unfiltered). Nothing wrong with Forever Stems (I own 4!), but the freehand vulcanized stem is a great alternative, and only costs $8. I think the freehand vulcanized stem is a particularly nice fit for a MM General. In fact, having smoked both, I actually prefer my freehand stemmed Generals to my MM Freehand!