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What’s your EDC light?

This is a discussion on What’s your EDC light? within the Guns and Knives forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; ...

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    Hedonist CigarInspector's Avatar


    What’s your EDC light?

    Wantedto ask if anyone has a suggested EDC torch? Looking to replace an olddependable Maglite with a new LED, heard and seen lots of greatflashlights. Just looking for a nice small, everyday carry light,something to carry while hunting or out in the bush. I have seen,Streamlight, Garrison, Maglite and a bunch of others. Anysuggestions? I’ll be smoking my stogie while I wait forsuggestions.

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    Leading Puffer Fish


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    My fiance got me a tiny Maglite (about 4 " long) and it has never let me down. I've had it for about 3 years now

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    I'm totally serious, dude B-daddy's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    Surefire LX2 is a great light. It's expensive ($150), so I just can't recommend it to anyone but a real gear geek or someone whose life will likely depend on it.

    I'd check out a few other brands like Fenix, iTP, or Terralux. $15-30 and you'll get a decent little light.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes ryanmac45's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I have found that Fenix lights are a great alternative to a SureFire investment! I carry a light almost every day, and in my job, they get dropped in water, muddy, greasy, banged around, you name it. They hold up well and the batteries last. I prefer lights that use cr123 batteries if they are in my vehicle, nightstand, or with my gun. My latest daily carry uses AA's and ran all night recently while working in the middle of nowhere. Most have a "Turbo" mode and a strobe available if needed. Check them out if you get a chance.

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    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I used to be a Surefire guy to the core, right up until I stumbled across this. It's the Eagle Turbo by Sunlite. It's got two switches. Side switch is 190 lumens and the tail cap is a whopping 280. Best part, it's rechargeable, so none of those $$$ 123 batteries and offers amazing run time. It's built like a tank.

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    Ruler Of The Galaxy Emperor Zurg's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I've got a magcharger with a terralux 1000 lumen LED upgrade.
    Not exactly cheap or small but I keep it in my truck so it doesn't matter.
    The thing's a freakin' light cannon.

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    Puff Contest Czar MDSPHOTO's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    Bushnell HD torch 165. It has a cool high illumination square beam.

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    Full blown Puffer Dish earcutter's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    Have a look at this co. Most Powerful & Bright LED Flashlights for Various Applications by Armytek.

    You might be able to find them cheaper, what with all the on line vendors competing these days, but I'll vouch for their build. I began with the Barracuda looking for a mid size thrower (its awesome), and ended up with... well, they are great lol. Great torches. Headlamps are great for edc btw.

    The new LED Maglites are pretty good too.
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    Young Puffer Fish Sixgunner's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I switch between my 4sevens Quark 123 tactcal or my Surefire EL1. If you don't want to break the back check out 4sevens.
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    Young Fish


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I have been carrying a streamlight microstream for a little over a year now.I have even gotten my wife 1 they are vantastic they do not put off to much light and the clip is a two way so you can put it on the bill of your hat for $15 you cant beat it.

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    ZS Reserve Officer


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    Fenix PD31 SE

    Bought a Fenix PD32 when I thought I'd lost the 31, then found the 31 and relegated the 32 to my rifle.
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    Full grown Puffer Fish


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I had a bunch of different incandescent flashlights around the house that badly needed upgrading to LED.

    I researched the subject thoroughly. There a several really good lights on the market, including Fenix, but I wanted a light that ran on common AA or AAA batteries for ease of replacement, had a reasonably bright, white light, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.

    I settled on a Maglite XL50 LED, about $25, and bought enough to replace every flashlight we owned. It is compact at 5" x 1", runs up to 6 1/2 hours on high (a bright 139 lumens), 33 hours on low (plenty of light 90% of the time) on 3 AAA batteries.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    Maratac AA Rev 3 + Glow Diffuser

    Maratac AAA Copper

    Fenix E01

    I really can't speak enough good about the Maratac lights. I have over 25 flashlights but these are the three I constantly carry. It doesn't hurt that I can pick up batteries for these things dirt cheap and absolutely anywhere in the world. I have 10+ Surefire's that just sit in a box since I've bought my Maratacs, and at $40 they are a steal.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish djsmiles's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    Work gave me a Surefire 6p LED, and a couple of G2's.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Win's Avatar


    Re: What’s your EDC light?

    I bought a little Fenix LD01 in Stainless a few years ago, small and easily carried. Other than that I'm mostly Surefire, I keep a L4 in my Maxpedition Fatboy, older G2s in our vehicles glove box.

    Last year I bought an Ultrafire on Amazon, pretty amazing light for under $8.00, two 18650 batteries w/charger were another $8.00. I don't think I'd let me life depend on this but it's been fine for taking the dogs out. Light technology is just amazing.

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