A man had been living at a nudist colony for some time. One afternoon he received a letter from his mother asking him how he was and asked him to send her a current picture. He flips through his album and realizes he doesn't have a single "decent" photograph to share. Being too embarrassed to let his mother know that he lives in a nudist colony, he decides to cut a photo in half and send her the top part.

Later his mother mails him back thanking him for the photo and asks him to send another picture to his grandmother. Glad with how well his first photo was received the fellow cuts another picture in half and mails it. After the mail has left he notices that the top half of the photo is still on his desk and realizes that the bottom half must be on its way to Grandma.

After a bit of panic and no idea how to resolve the problem he's gotten himself into, he realizes he's sunk. The only hope is Grandma's poor eyesight, hopefully she can't see well enough to tell.

Well, sure enough a few weeks later a letter from Grandma arrived. It said, ” Thank you for the picture. Change your hair style…it makes your nose look too long.”