We are going to experiment with providing a unique forum for our cigar manufacturing friends.

Manufacturer Forums

Goal – Provide a manufacturer specific forum for the users of Club Stogie to interact directly with representative(s) of a specific manufacturer.

Manufacturer Benefits
  • Access to one of the largest, if not the largest active community of cigar smokers on the internet. Over 6000 members with 1000 members visiting daily and dramatic membership growth.
  • Blog for new product announcements and other information.
  • Direct contact with customer base.
Club Stogie Benefits
  • Members will have direct access to the manufacturer to learn more about their products, what makes them unique, and what drives the organization.

  • Club Stogie – Maintain a respectful atmosphere of dialogs and interaction. No “flaming” or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.
  • Club Stogie – Will not allow this to become a “complaints” or customer service arena. While these issues may be addressed, it will be at the manufacturers discretion.
  • Manufacturer – Visits and contributes on a regular basis. Weekly visits to their specific manufacturer forum would be expected. While one person from the manufacturer can be the focal point, multiple contacts could make visiting weekly easier to accomplish.

If you are a manufacturer, and think this could be of value to you, feel free to contact Club Stogie via email (use the contact us link at the bottom of any page) for more information. We hope to be able to accommodate all requests to be featured in this section, but reserve the right to do so slowly since we want to make sure this adds value for both Club Stogie and the manufacturer.