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Xi2 question

This is a discussion on Xi2 question within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; I love my Xi2 cutter....

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    Re: Xi2 question

    I love my Xi2 cutter.

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    Re: Xi2 question

    Just got one of these. Very excited!

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    Re: Xi2 question

    Just got the Xi3 and I love it!
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    Re: Xi2 question

    Quote Originally Posted by XIKAR View Post
    It is not uncommon for oils in cigars to get caught on a blade after some cuts.

    My first recommendation would be to add the smallest amount of graphite lubricate in the hole where the trigger is located. You can find small packs of graphite lubricate at your local hardware store.

    Work the cutter open/closed a few times to see if that loosens things up.

    If that doesn't work, please send it in and we'll service the cutter.

    For more tips:

    For warranty and return info:
    the graphite does the trick! Been using my for 2yrs now.

    I loves me smokes

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    Re: Xi2 question

    Practice makes perfect. Had a few "alignment" problems first few cuts but after a dozne or so cuts, technique improved as well as the cut. Love the Xicar Xi2.

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    Re: Xi2 question

    I LOVE my Xikar. I have the Xi3 Spectra..and it works great! I have noticed that without a cigar in it, one side closes first, but as soon as there is resistance (aka a stogie) it cuts nice even.

    The best technique I have found is placing the open cutter flat on a table, putting your cigar in so the head rests on the table, then snipping...perfect cut every time. This works best with parejos, but can work with figurados as well
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    Re: Xi2 question

    I have had mine for 6 months now and have never had a problem. I have the Xi2 and love that sumbitch.

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    Re: Xi2 question

    I've sent mine in for service now... I love the customer service of Xikar.

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    Re: Xi2 question

    Just an update.. I got my Xikar Xi2 back, and here's what I have to say about it....

    I know this has probably been beaten to death, but I just wanted to chime in here and say that Xikar's customer service and warranty is TOP NOTCH! I sent my Xi2 cutter in, because about a year ago, the spring action when you opened it wasn't working, and you would have to literally pull the blades apart.. Well.. Long story short, I bought a Palio, and started using that, and my Xikar sat around until about a week ago, and I decided I was going to send it in to have it repaired. I threw it in a padded envelope with a note letting them know what was wrong with it. In about a week, I had it back in my mail box, good as new. I don't know if they fixed it, or just replaced it, but I used it tonight at the cigar shop while shootin the crap with some of the guys, and man its like a whole new cutter! I had a couple friends use them on their smokes, and they all complimented on how nice and sharp it was! Thanks Xikar!

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