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dropped my xi2

This is a discussion on dropped my xi2 within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; over the memorial day weekend i dropped my xi2 and both sides of the blade came unattached from the center ...

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    New Patriotic Dissenter tnip23's Avatar


    dropped my xi2

    over the memorial day weekend i dropped my xi2 and both sides of the blade came unattached from the center of the body.(just remaining attached at the screw at the bottom) i have tried to get them back in without tearing apart the body, to no avail. my question is, is there a way to fix this myself, or do i need to send it back to xikar for repairs?
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    Full grown Puffer Fish tallypig's Avatar


    Re: dropped my xi2

    I'd send it back to them-I have found their service to be quick and without any questions as to what the problem is-they just fix it!
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    Blowfish can kill you.. Gone Dave's Avatar


    Re: dropped my xi2

    Yes, call Xikar and tell them what happened, They like to keep track for reference . The team there at Xikar is the bomb... I have sent my personal in for repair,(I washed it and it opened up too) and the peeps at Xikar never missed a beat.. You may get lucky and get the ever so pleasant Jodi...

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    Young Puffer Fish XIKAR's Avatar


    Re: dropped my xi2

    Right On Everyone!

    Yes, We'll Take Care Of You.....what Is Our Tagline "xikar For Life" If We Can't Follow Through?!

    For all the info on how to send in: http://www.xikar.com/warranty/warranty.asp

    - Andy
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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: dropped my xi2

    OR instead of sending it in, you can take it by a B&M that sells them and they could possibly swap it out.

    I had one break because the spring inside broke, no dropping, it just broke. I sent it in, and in exactly one week, I had a brand new one.

    Then exactly one week later, I dropped my new one while sitting in a chair on my porch and it broke exactly how you described. I took it to a B&M the next day and walked out with a brand new one. No shipping, no waiting. It's the best option if there is a store near you that sells Xikars.

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    Re: dropped my xi2

    I did the same thing, and was able to get it back together with a bit of work, however it's probably safer to just send it in.

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