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Oliva Tobacco/Oliva Cigars

This is a discussion on Oliva Tobacco/Oliva Cigars within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; Sam, Are the two companies related in any way? Inquiring minds want to know. Ok, maybe just me. TIA nsure:...

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Fr8dog's Avatar


    Oliva Tobacco/Oliva Cigars


    Are the two companies related in any way? Inquiring minds want to know. Ok, maybe just me. TIA


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    Leading Puffer Fish bigpoppapuff-cl's Avatar

    The Oliva Tobacco Co., based in Tampa, is a grower and broker of cigar tobacco. They're regarded as one of the best in the business, and it's a bragging point to say you have Oliva tobacco in one of your cigars. Among other products, they grow Sumatra seed wrapper in Ecuador for the Ashton VSG, among many other brands. They do not make cigars.

    Oliva Cigar Co., based in Miami Lakes, Florida, is not related. They make cigars in Nicaragua and also grow tobacco in Nicaragua. They've been around for a good ten years now, and they make some exceptional cigars.

    No relation between the companies. I don't know of Oliva Cigar uses any Oliva Tobacco tobacco in their products.

    this from david savona of CA....
    "don't count your days...make every day count"

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader

    We had a Flor de Oliva cigar tasting in town a while back, and I had a chance to talk to someone from the company (family?). They grow a boatload of tobacco and sell it to many of the labels that you are accustomed to seeing. I can't remember details, but it was a LOT of other companies that have Oliva tobacco in their products.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish Bulz's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Fr8dog View Post

    Are the two companies related in any way? Inquiring minds want to know. Ok, maybe just me. TIA

    My name isnt Sam, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. (I do that too much.)

    Some good info here, but it's still confusing.

    Oliva Cigar is indeed the one that makes cigars. They make all of the Oliva Cigars and also make a substantial number of cigars for others. But they also grow and broker tobacco. Oliva Cigar is the second largest grower of Cuban-seed tobacco in Nicaragua. Gilberto Oliva will harvest near 1 million lbs. of binder and filler tobaccos in a year. Gilberto's grandfather Melanio was growing tobacco in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba in the 1880's. They have been in the tobacco business for generations.

    The Oliva Tobacco Co is from the same area of Cuba and has rich family tobacco history. They are known for their incredible wrapper tobacco.

    Oliva Cigars have used Oliva Tobacco wrapper leaf, but that just makes things more confusing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Sam Leccia's Avatar

    Thanks Dave...you hit the nail on the head for me on this one.

    those holiday inn expresses are really paying off.

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    Smoke don't puff jitzy's Avatar

    sam where in miami lakes is oliva i was just there the other day for an interview in miami gardens and went to perdomo afterwards i would have loved to have stop there

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    Maturing Puffer Fish Bulz's Avatar

    Sam's busy on the road...

    Oliva Cigar Co
    6051 NW 153 St
    Miami Lakes, Fl 33014

    I dont know the area well. I just know the address.

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    Smoke don't puff jitzy's Avatar

    wow i wish i knew that i had a job interview on nw 167 st, i hit perdomo and would have loved to have gone there, oliva is one of my favorites.

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