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Carlos Toraņo Exodus 1959 Torpedo - Excellent Smoke!

This is a discussion on Carlos Toraņo Exodus 1959 Torpedo - Excellent Smoke! within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; ...

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    Barracuda Puffin cdowden3691's Avatar


    Carlos Toraņo Exodus 1959 Torpedo - Excellent Smoke!

    I recently had an Exodus 1959 while I listened to Charlie Toraņo talk about this particular cigar. The story Charlie tells is that when the revolution occurred in 1959 in Cuba several of the tobacco families that left the country (i.e. Exodus) ended up in either the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

    So, the filler is a combination of tobacco from all 5 countries to go alongside the rich Honduran wrapper. I found it interesting to get a deeper understanding of the story behind this particular cigar.

    Cigar Aficianado had it in the top 3 legal cigars in the U.S. (#5 overall) for 2006. It is a fine fine smoke...

    Plus, I would add that Charlie Toraņo has always been very kind and courteous with his time when I've had the chance to speak to him about his cigars, etc.

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    Danthony's daddy Itsme-Speedy-G's Avatar

    Charlie was at one of the local B&Ms yesterday. Sadly, I had to work and was unable to make it. I have met the rep for Torano before and he was a good guy, very knowledgable
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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader JoeyBear's Avatar

    I have about 15 of the 1959 silvers in my humis because I'm a nut for them. They're very tasty sticks.

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes JohnRider's Avatar

    Torano makes some very nice smokes. In fact, I pulled out a Carlos Torano Casa Torano this morning to smoke with my coffee. This is a very nice morning smoke for me...the Ecuador Connecticut wrapper is very smooth and mild, which might fool you into believing this is an overly mild and boring smoke. Instead, I discovered there is a lot of flavor lurking under that wrapper. If you roll the cigar, you are really treated to a lot of rich and pleasant flavors.
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    Marlboro Cigars Alter EGO Marlboro Cigars-cl's Avatar

    Torano makes some awesome smokes!!

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    Young Fish Wooden Indian Tobacco's Avatar

    yeah torano is one of my new favorites. I really love the signature but the 1959 is superb as well. you should also check out the Decadencia.(drool) It is a light wrapper cigar that has been aged in port barrels. It gives it an infused taste like the acids but port wine flavor. Makes a perfect treat after a steak dinner.(mmm...steak and port....mmm)
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    Maturing Puffer Fish Smokincrazy's Avatar

    Great unique taste and great price too. Lotta bang for your buck.
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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader karmaz00's Avatar

    a huge fan of the toranos. i have all there lines

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    Alpha Puffer Fish

    So last night I goes in to handle the bar..open my humi and it's damned near full...Seems one of the patrons, who is a P.A. in an ER, dropped off about 8 on SAT night. TORANO 1959 Exodus!
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    Alpha Puffer Fish baba's Avatar

    I agree - the Exodus 1959 is a very good cigar. It is nice to have someone like Charlie Toraño in the cigar business.

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes chip19's Avatar

    I got bombed with one from a fine BOTL and smoked it the other night. I was really suprised with the sweetness of the cigar. (Exodus 1959) Great smoke!!

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish

    I just finished my first one and as a relative noob I can say that it was really good to the nub. One hour and 45 minutes and I never set it in the tray.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes FN in MT-cl's Avatar

    Been a fan of the Torano's from the first one I sampled.

    So Bought a box of 1916's and the "deal of the day" was a free sampler of ALL the Torano's. Liked ALL of them.

    The 1959's are probably my favorite though. WHAT a stick for $4 to $5 each depending on vitola. For me.....Torano is one of those lines, like Perdomo, Padron, Rocky Patel, Oliva, Montecristo to name a few.... where choosing most ANY stick generally yields a WINNER.

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    USAF Fire Dawg big04deuce's Avatar

    I am a Torano fan. I like the silver better myself. Normally have a Decadencia on Sunday evenings.
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    Smoke don't puff jitzy's Avatar

    Torano makes some amazing cigars and they sadly don't get the notirioty they deserve

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