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Mx2 Issues

This is a discussion on Mx2 Issues within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; A friend of mine wont smoke nothing but mx2 robusto, toro, bellicosa, and why is it that the mx2 has ...

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    Mx2 Issues

    A friend of mine wont smoke nothing but mx2 robusto, toro, bellicosa, and why is it that the mx2 has to be exact humidity and temp or it taste so bad according to him. I had a bad experience in the summer with a robusto and never smoked another one i was physically ill from a robusto yet the camerron or italia dont bother me

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    I have never heard of this issue. Shoot me a PM and let me know where you are buying your cigars.

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    Never heard of that either, the Mx2 is one of the only maduros I keep going back to.

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    Never had any issues with a Mx2.

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    Love 'em.
    Check out NUbLiv.com

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    MX2 is an excellent maduro...never had an issue with any I smoked.

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    The Italia is a personal favorite of mine. I also like the gold for a breakfast cigar. The MX2 is too peppery for me, I don't care for it all that much. I will say that construction problems have not been something that I've experienced, or heard a lot about others having experienced. I think it's true for EVERY cigar that if it's not taken care of appropriately, that you will have issues. I believe there are bum sticks in every brand, it's just a bad luck of the draw when it happens to someone who catches a bad break. I'd buy another(perhaps from another vendor?) and give it a shot. CAO is a heck of a good maker of cigars and I haven't been terribly disappointed by them in the past, I've had just about every line of cigar they offer.

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    Cao Cameroon is by far my favorite italia is good Not my favorite I didnt like the VR and i hear great things about the brazillia never tried them will soon.

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    I really enjoy the MX2 and have smoked my share of them, but I too have had a few issues with them. Some seem to be released a bit early, and can have some burn, and flavor issues. The torp seems to be the one I have the most problem with. At times, toward the last 3rd of the cigar, I've gotten very strong ammonia taste, and the burn is never right. The robusto seems to have less of an issue with the above.

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    I love those sticks...smoke them all the time and I dont have those issues. I sometimes find myself smopking them quick and the flavor changes, but I just slow down.

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    I love the Mx2, but are they rolled tighter than other CAO's? The last three I got from the B&M were awful on the draw...opened them up and they were passable, but still very hard to draw.

    Been hesitant to pick anymore up...


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