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Hey Dion, where I could I find some Illusiones in the north Texas area? I got a cg4 when I was visiting some friends in College Station and was gifted a couple 88's by Brian, but I have yet to find any in the Dallas area shops.

As much as I am against ordering anything online (don't ask me why, I still don't know), I am crazy close to just ordering a box or two from Mike at Leaf and Ale because I know he has them and I know how much I like both of those. So this question goes to Mike then, what's the average time for shipping to Texas? I'm thinking early birthday present for myself here.
I ship free USPS Priority on all orders over $75.00, so a box of illusiones certainly qualifies. That's 2-3 days to most areas, and probably only 2 from TN to TX.

That being said, I think this was originally Drac's thread, so he should be the one to hook you up on the illusiones this time around. Give him a shout, cause selling a box of cigars off another retailers thread would be a major THREAD JACK! BTW, I'm waiting on my next shipment of cg:4, so I'm out at the moment (hopefully not for long... right, Dion?). ~88~ I've got.