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Customer Service at its Best

This is a discussion on Customer Service at its Best within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; I recently made a purchase of Arganese Cigars from www.tobaccolocker.com . I had an issue with my order and notified ...

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    Customer Service at its Best

    I recently made a purchase of Arganese Cigars from www.tobaccolocker.com. I had an issue with my order and notified both Arganese and Tobacco Locker. The details of the issue are not important as the level of customer service I received. The email was sent out on late Friday night concerning the issue. In truly I was expecting a response via email sometime on Monday. By mid Saturday morning I received calls personally to resolve the issue. Both Arganese Cigars and Tobacco Locker went more than that extra mile which far exceeded my expectation. I would like to personally thank Gene, Sandy, Kelsey, and Bill for making my experience pleasurable considering the circumstances. I look forward to purchasing more Arganese Cigars in the future.

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    that is amazing Customer service. I think some retailers forget, that at the end of the day, the customer is always right - and if he/she's not, its probably in the retailer's best interest to make the customer feel they are.

    I'm already an Arganese fan, this just confirms why!

    thanks for sharing this Sam...
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    Retailers like tobaccolocker, Heartfelt, cbid, etc., remember the golden rule of retail - a happy customer will tell a few people, an unhappy customer will tell everyone who will listen. They do whatever it takes to keep a customer.

    Thanks for letting us know of one more retailer we can count on to satisfy the customer, what ever it takes.
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    About time the little guy gets some respect,chalk one up for the consumer!!!
    Thats just how it is now deal with it!

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