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Tatuaje Black

This is a discussion on Tatuaje Black within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; The Story of the Tatuaje Black On a recent trip to a famous island known for historic cigar making, I ...

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    Young Puffer Fish Tatuaje's Avatar


    Tatuaje Black

    The Story of the Tatuaje Black

    On a recent trip to a famous island known for historic cigar making, I spent my time in a small town enjoying the simple life. Every day was peaceful and every night was festive, with both having cigars involved throughout. My favorite cigar was not a cigar bought at the local store or factory, but a cigar that was handed to me every morning.

    Mornings, after taking a shower with a bucket of water warmed with what looked like a curling iron, I would walk to the front of the house and sit on the fence to get some sun and take in the fresh air. I also took in the fact that I was miles from home and no one knew where I was. My phone didn't work and I had no cares in the world other than trying to decide what to smoke.

    My first morning on the island an older gentleman came along on his bike. This was not a motorcycle but something like an old Schwinn that he had likely been riding for decades. This gentleman was well dressed, almost dapper, and I probably appeared to him to be a strange character. My usual outfit of jeans, t-shirt, loads of silver jewelry, and an arm full of tattoos didn't seem to faze him. He saw I was enjoying myself so that morning, and every morning after that, he would stop and give me a cigar from his shirt pocket. This cigar was far from being a 'pretty' cigar but that did not bother me a bit. It was a treasured and unexpected gift that I was thrilled to be given. After smoking this cigar I realized that this was one of the best cigars I smoked on my trip. Later that day in speaking with my host on this trip I came to understand that these cigars were something special to every person who carried them. They were cigars that they made for themselves. Even the guys who worked hard in the cigar factories all day would return home at night and make their private cigars. Simple cigars with flavors they personally enjoyed. Over the course of the next few days my host and I visited his friends and asked for cigars that they made. Before I left I had cigars from a few locals who all used different tobaccos from the different growing regions. They were all great but there was one that really stood out for me as special.

    I decided when traveling to Nicaragua to work with the Garcia family that I would try to recreate this special cigar for myself. Together we spent quite some time working on the blend and looking at different leaves for wrapper. The marbled toothy wrapper was perfect for this cigar, rustic looking but with tons of aroma. After smoking the first sample, I was immediately brought back to that island relaxing on a fence, enjoying life, smoking a great cigar. A great cigar that will always in my mind represent the place, the time, and the experience of the purity of the simple life. This cigar may be considered ugly by some but inside that surface roughness it contains such rich flavor and aroma.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. This is a tribute to that cigar.


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    What is happening? Paint's Avatar

    WOW i cant wait to get a hold of these gems!!!
    Thats just how it is now deal with it!

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Deuce Da Masta's Avatar

    very cool story! thanks for sharing pete! I know a lot of people(me included) that would LOVE to find the blacks!

    You ever going to release these? I know a few trickled out but are impossible to find!

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    I'm Back tobacmon's Avatar

    Very nice story--that one will stay with you for years to come..Only when you can truly relax do you take in the best the earth can offer. I can only imagine what the smokes you had that the older dapper gentlemen gave you but to top it off only imagine the quality of smoke the Tat Black are--Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it very much--peacE!

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes Lok17's Avatar

    Wish I woulda known this story when I smoked my black lable.. would of made it all that much cooler..
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    No longer a community member.

    that is a great story!
    thanks for sharing

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    No longer a community member.

    Cool story. A cigar special enough to you that you just had to recreate has got to be a great cigar!

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    Osirus' Missing Member tekhnu's Avatar

    cool story. i'm sooooo looking forward to smoking the tatuaje black upon release. assuming i can get my hands on some that is. Thanks for making some of the best cigars in the world pete.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish MindRiot-cl's Avatar

    Nice, I can't wait for the jars. I am all giddy like a school girl err I mean guy. w/e ship me jars

    Did I mention that since I collect ceramic cigar jars I can't wait for the jar?

    Nice job Pete
    I'm lucks, last match struck.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader sofaman's Avatar

    Great story I cant wait to get ahold of one of these!!!

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes AragornElessar86-cl's Avatar

    Awesome story Pete. I got a pack of three of these cigars at the recent Tatuaje tasting my local shop held as a gift with purchase, and I'm saving them for special occasions. Just by looking at them and smelling them I can tell that I'm going to wish I could smoke one every day. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
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    Puffer Fish with many spikes tmoney's Avatar

    Wow, nice story, can't wait to try them.
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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader happy1's Avatar

    Damn that story sounded like paradise!!I think we all wish we could enjoy life like that.Now where is these magical cigars?
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    Alpha Puffer Fish

    lighting miine in t minus 10

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    Young Fish Cadmar Huxtable's Avatar

    I still cant believe I was lucky enough to try one of these. I bought it on a whim without ever seeing or hearing anything about it. I remember saying to myself as i smoked it "This is the greatest cigar I have ever smoked" I knew right then and there that was infact something very special. I went back to my B&M the very next day and sadly they were already all sold out. My friend behind the counter said they went so quick that he himself didn't get a chance to try one. I cant wait until these are back on the shelves. Id like to grab a couple. One to smoke and one to save. Thanks again Pete for making such fantastic sticks!
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