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My first MB2

This is a discussion on My first MB2 within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; I searched and could not find anything on CL about the MB2... So, a couple months ago while on vacation ...

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    Young Puffer Fish oxyotal1187's Avatar


    My first MB2

    I searched and could not find anything on CL about the MB2...

    So, a couple months ago while on vacation I found a B&M that still had MB2s. I, of course, bought two.

    The cigar was great, it started out with what I thought was a nutty taste (fantastic!) and then as the cigar changed it went spicy on me! As soon as the cigar hit the last third it started to give me a buzz. I really enjoyed the MB2, even though it wasn't as complex as the one MB3 I've had. And I cannot compare it to the MB1 since I can't find them!

    Overall great cigar, I will be saving my other one for a more special occasion!

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    No longer a community member.

    I wish i was into Oliva's back then, I never had a MB2 and only recently due to the nub did I give Oliva another try and its now a cigar I love to smoke

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    Alpha Puffer Fish maduro4me-cl's Avatar

    The MB2 sounds really good, will definately give one a try, thanks.
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    Puffer Fish with many spikes Darren's Godiva's Avatar

    The MB3 is one of my favorites. I have two MB2's and 2 MB1's sitting in my humidor right now. I am waiting for my honeymoon to smoke them. Your description is making my mouth water and I only have 8 more weeks until I will lite them up.

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes Lok17's Avatar

    One of my favorites!
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    USAF Fire Dawg big04deuce's Avatar

    That is a nice smoke! Glad you enjoyed it!
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    Full grown Puffer Fish BengalMan-cl's Avatar

    MB2 is a very solid smoke for sure. I've been smoking the MB3's a lot lately and like them better than the 2's.

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    Young Puffer Fish oxyotal1187's Avatar

    I agree with you, Ian. I would have posted about my MB3 experience, but I didn't because so many others have! How would you compare The MB2 & 3 to the 1?

    Darren's Godiva - Congrats on the marriage! I think that master blends are an excellent choice for celebrating with!

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    What is happening? Paint's Avatar

    I like the MB 2 better than the MB3 but that is just me
    Thats just how it is now deal with it!

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader happy1's Avatar

    got a MB 2 int the humi resting awhile but it is going to die soon!!!
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