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Casa Toraņo....not sure what happened

This is a discussion on Casa Toraņo....not sure what happened within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; ...

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish


    Unhappy Casa Toraņo....not sure what happened

    Well, I lit up my first Casa Toraņo today. First off let me say, I am a HUGE Toraņo fan...except for this one.

    For starters, the pre light draw, had such a bitter taste to it, it left my lips feeling like I'd just taken a bite of some severely unripe fruit or something. Extremely bitter. I shook it off and moved on into this thing.

    Once I FINALLY got it lit, it had serious burn issues. I don't know what causes this (vein maybe?) but the burn line shot up one side of the stick about 1/2 inch or so making a little channel in the cigar that kept running ahead of the main burn. I kept fussing with my torch lighter to get this thing evened out, but never did really succeed. If I wasn't continuously puffing on it, it would go out. I've never worked so hard on a cigar before! The ash on it was jagged and gray and would not stay on. Probably because of the weird burn line I guess.

    The flavor was not what I expected either. Now granted, I have had their
    Virtuoso, Reserva Decadencia, Reserva Selecta and Exodus to date and LOVE them all, and this stick must live farther down the ladder than those, but still, it didn't have that common flavor that the others seem to share.

    The best way to describe it, was that it left a metallic taste in my mouth. I don't know if I just got a hold of a squirrelly one, or what! I have 1 more that my wife was going to try, but I don't know now. I hate to make a call on just one stick, something had to be wrong somewhere.

    Anyone else have any weird issues with a Casa Toraņo?

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    Smoke don't puff jitzy's Avatar

    wow that is really weird I love these I would say if you have another give it a try

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    jam is offline
    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes jam's Avatar

    I agree it was probaly a bad one try another

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes smokem-cl's Avatar

    All the Casa T's I've had...a few hunderd...have been great! granted they do get better with time, but I think you just got an odd ball. Give another a try before you pass them bye.

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    Leading Puffer Fish Lighthouse's Avatar

    Yep, I think you just got a bad stick. I also am a fan of Torano and love the Signature series the most. In fact I just had one yesterday. I had a stick that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago...had the same situation with the burn. It was a very heavy vein that seemed to torch like a fuse up the side and it left a crevice as it went. This was a pricey stick too.

    I say chalk it off to a bad stick that got through the check points and enjoy the next one!!!!
    "Pool playing and stogie smokin' go together like O.J. Simpson and sharp cutlery," - Mr. Cigar

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish

    Quote Originally Posted by Lighthouse View Post
    I had a stick that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago...had the same situation with the burn. It was a very heavy vein that seemed to torch like a fuse up the side and it left a crevice as it went. !
    Exactly!! That's what it did. I'll bet that big vein is what threw the weird bitter taste at me too.

    I have a few more (heh heh, dug around a bit Thanks Erick!) in the good ole humi, so I'll fire up another tonight. As far as I'm concerned if it's from Toraņo, it HAS to be good. What a fluke!

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    Alpha Puffer Fish Bigfoot's Avatar

    Let me know if you have anymore problems with the Casa Torano...I'll get them replaced for ya.


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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish

    Brian, thanks for that offer, but I am firmly back on the bandwagon for Toraņo! I lit up a Casa Toraņo Maduro Robusto tonight, and it was Heaven! Nice pre-light flavor, no problems at all with the burn, ash or flavor. Very nice!!

    BTW Brian, if Toraņo makes Hats or Shirts at all, please PM me with info on where to purchase. I need to spread the message at the golf course!!


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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader karmaz00's Avatar

    think you might have got a bad stick give them another try

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    One Shot tx_tuff's Avatar

    The Casa is one of Tiffany's fav cigars And she never has a problem with them. Glad you like the Maduro!

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