Hey there guys and gals of CigarLive, I wanted to remind everyone about GARLive.com and some of the exciting things that are happening over there, and give you a basic overview of what to expect there.

As the site name suggests, the site has been created for George A. Rico and is full of information on his cigar lines, but that is not the main focus of the site. When I think of G.A.R. I think of your local cigar lounge where you can talk about anything you want. Want to talk politics (a no no at CL), there is a section. The talk is not limited to G.A.R. cigars but all cigars. GAR is not a place to look for bombs and what not, but there will be contests (there is one going on right now http://www.garlive.com/forum/t329-show-us-your-gar.html) and other fun things, but mostly it is a place to chat about anything and everything. Cigars are a big part of it, but not nearly 100%.

G.A.R. is also about living for today and getting out and doing things you never thought you would do. Create a bucket list and start living your life! help George Rico when he is in your area complete something on his bucket list, or just plan a get together with him. All in all, the site is about the enjoyment that we all get when we sit around smoke cigars and talk with good friends. Sort of a virtual herf if you will.

So if you have not check it out, head on over and check out GARLive.com and join in on the fun.