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Torano cigars

This is a discussion on Torano cigars within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; The Fortress isn't a bad cigar but as I remember it wasn't exactly the most complex cigar. I feel it ...

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    Ole Crusty Spiked Fish tpharkman's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    The Fortress isn't a bad cigar but as I remember it wasn't exactly the most complex cigar. I feel it lacks the sophistication of some of Torano's more elegant offerings. I would consider it to be a 2nd Tier Torano if I had to group them to illustrate the example I am trying to make.
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    Using Cigar Bands as pics Flugplatz's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    Love the Torano line, sir. Keep up the great work!

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    True Derelict Fuzzy's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    Since this has been brought back to life, The Noventa with a year of rest is a gem and the Exodus with a year is Heaven to me. Though I hate to say it, for the price these can be had on the sale and auction sites, you can not go wrong.
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    I'm THAT guy! TheTomcat's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    I love Casa Torano Natural. It's a very well made cigar that has been completely consistent so far. Very tasty without being harsh, and had a nice relaxing aroma. My wife even likes when I smoke them. The maduro is good too but I prefer the natural in this line.
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    Beer Snob Josh Lucky 13's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    Vault is my favorite Torano.
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    Targets locked on... Phil from Chicago's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    I love the Torano Maduro!! The 1959 is my favorite these days when I hit the local shop

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes


    Re: Torano cigars

    I tried an Exodus 50 Years Robusto tonight and it was very flavorful! I've only had it for about a month and I imagine they get even better with some rest.

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    Young Puffer Fish twotailz's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    First time checking out the brand forums here, I must say when I first started the cigars, I bought a Torano Sampler, and I loved the 50 year Box Press, not so good myself at describing what Intaste yet, but that one was like smoking Chocolate! I will get more, and I certainly intend to see how they improve after a few months in the coolidor!

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    Leading Puffer Fish dinoa2's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    a quick bump for a quality company, had one of the Red Vault blend D-042 ( I think) few weeks ago. very good cigar. hope this revives the thread and our Torano rep is still here

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Chad202's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    Love the Toranos. Have been smoking the '50 years Exodus' but would love to get my hands on other blends.

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    Leading Puffer Fish dinoa2's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    it looks like our rep hasn't been here in almost 3 years, hope he comes back

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    Maturing Puffer Fish Reggie's Avatar


    Re: Torano cigars

    I just received my first "box" purchase - 10 of the Exodus 50yr "Cuban Toro" - 6x54 with pigtails and closed foot. Looks like a CI exclusive - they had them on a daily deal for $40. I know they need to acclimate but it's about all I can do to leave them alone..

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