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Xikar Public Relations

This is a discussion on Xikar Public Relations within the Meet the Manufacturer forums, part of the Cigar Specialty Forums category; My Xikar story. I have a lighter, I think it was called something different when I got it, but its ...

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    Re: Xikar Public Relations

    My Xikar story.
    I have a lighter, I think it was called something different when I got it, but its basically the Axia. I got the fire engine red one and loved it, no problems for several years. I was at Magnums Cigars in Phx having a drink and cigar. Manager came up to me and asked if I would like him to refill my lighter. I did and off he went. Came back and said he thinks my lighter has a leak. I had noticed that I went through fuel often, but just figured it was normal. He had with him a box, told me he did not have a red one but he would replace it with a gun metal if I wanted or he would mail it for me. I was leaving to head home to Panama so I took the grey one. I worked wonderful and had no problems. 18 months later I'm in Vegas and it starts to act up.. I went to Tobacco Leaf to buy some cigars and showed the manager my lighter and he said he could fix that.. He worked on it as I picked out and enjoyed a cigar. He came to the lounge with a box, said he would replace or mail it in for me. Asked if he had a red one but no luck.
    I sent Xikar a note basicly the same as above, about that not only do they have a great warranty and reputation, their retailers are as awesome. I figured the retailers knew there would be no problem getting a replacement. Got an email back thanking me for the note and she wanted to update my info as she had me living where I was when I bought the first one and registered it. Three days later I got a UPS and I'll be damned if they didn't send me a red one.
    Love these guys and yes, they do have a fan as long as they continue their awesome customer service.
    You not going to get second hand smoke when you're around me.. the cigars I smoke are top shelf smokes!

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    Re: Xikar Public Relations

    Kurt and the whole Xikar team is top notch. Their customer service is the best. While products can become defective over time, at least I know the lifetime warranty will still be their when I need it.

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    Re: Xikar Public Relations

    I ordered from Xikar online and wasn't notified the items were back ordered ten days later I sent an email no response and had to call to find out what was going on. This is my first experience with Xikar I don't mind waiting for a great product being notified helps though or better having a web ordering system that is in sync with actual inventories..
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    Re: Xikar Public Relations

    Based on this site and other persons recommendations, I now own 4 of their products. I think there products are well made, i enjoy how they send you the sheath after you register the product. Knowing I'm activating the warranty and that it is there if i need it, allows me to purchase more of their products with confidence.

    I know one person who sent in a lighter, and had it replaced within 10 days (shipping included). All i can say is this lighter was WELL used, and they still honored their warranty, no questions asked. There is a guy who stands by his products.

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