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Wednesday, July 13 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Cuban Crafters Cigars
3604 N.W. 7th Street
Miami, FL

Double the pleasure, double the fun now at Cuban Crafter Cigars, as we enjoy ourselves now not only on Fridays, but also each & every Wednesday now at their Wednesday Dinner, Wine & A Smoke event. Join Cuban Crafters Cigars this Wednesday, and every Wednesday, for a special evening of wonderful wines, fine cigars, excellent food and live entertainment starting at 6 pm.

If you have a passion for true, old world wines, and fine edible delicacies, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in exquisite cuisine accompanied by classic wines, in the most delightful & enjoyable of ambiances. At Cuban Crafters Cigars you will take a sensory trip through the genuine, traditional and classic Cuba of yesterday, as you enjoy the best of wines, aromatic & robust cigars, and top of the line cuisine. Enjoy delectable entree menu items & delicious tapas, together with your wine, with a wide variety to choose from.


You should come by Cuban Crafters Cigars soon because there is a new flavorful entree menu that is worth checking out at reasonable & affordable prices. Our excellent combination of fabulous food, great wines, good company, and exclusive variety of cigar selections will create a Wednesday evening to remember. Scrumptiously delicious culinary excellence, dining on Wednesday now just doesn't get better than this!

The specialty of the house, Salmon w/Caesars Salad, is to die for! A wide array of tapas to choose from & a full entree menu selection to enjoy, for a very few dollars more than eating fast food, you can delight in "slow food" made with the finest of ingredients and to your liking. While delighting in a cup of wine, enjoying a cigar, a wonderful Cafecito Cubano, and taking in the magical sounds of Cuban Crafters Cigars live musical entertainment, you can have a Five Star meal in Six Star company and ambiance.

Humberto Eduardo Upierre & his duo, Sabor, are providing the live entertainment at Wednesday's Dinner events . Humberto's repertoire includes all of those wonderful classics of native Cuba, with a slight contemporary touch. As you are dining, you will feel as if you have been transported to the Cuba of yesterday, with it's pleasures and tropicality. Sabor's music will definitely evoke memories of Cuba nostalgia, which we all cherish fondly & love to listen too.

Relax, dance, eat & enjoy the finest cigars & wine with wonderful family & friends. Come and experience the Cuban Crafters Cigars magic for yourself, it's the finest Happy Hour Package in the City! Cuban Crafters Cigars is Miami's premier Happy Hour event.