This seemed like it was the best place to post this question.
I am preparing to graduate college in a few months, so I am beginning the hunt for my future career.
I have also been working at a major tobacconist in the Midwest ("The Wharf", if any of you know of it) for about two years now, becoming a head associate in my time there. During my time there, I have met and talked with many of the various sales representatives that come through, discussing with them how they ended up where they were, aspects about their jobs, etc.
A job in this field is one that I'm seriously considering, but the industry seems to be a "closed circle" of sorts...I can't find companies posting about openings, and most of the reps have told me they came into their positions after overhearing about openings from others in the industry.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering how the various manufacturers and companies here go about looking for sales reps, and what kind of experience and skills they look for in hiring them? Any information at all would be helpful and greatly appreciated!