Welcome, Andrew, though I'm a bit tardy here. Are you looking for primarily pipe shops or cigar shops? I can't help you much on the pipe shop side, as I buy almost all my pipe tobacco online. I can say that Tobacco Town on Barbur Boulevard comes in mighty handy for the occasional tin of 1792 Flake, Squadron Leader, Royal Yacht, or Erinmore Flake (to name a few), and can second what John says about Rich's - I've never seen so many pipes in one shop.

On the cigar side, I like to hang at Broadway Cigar Company (both locations), though I only buy there to smoke there. There are a couple of good shops on 82nd Avenue, and I hear that 11th Avenue Liquor and Smoke Shop has some amazing prices, though I have not yet been - it's next on my list.

See you on here, and out there, Andrew.