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Completely New

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    Young Fish Locksmith's Avatar


    Completely New

    Hi Guys, completely new to pipe smoking, but it has been something that has interested me for some time now.

    So i just thought I would start and see how it goes, bought a Parker pipe from a shop nearby me for around £40 and started with a tin of Ashton Smooth sailing, as it was recommended as a nice light tobacco that is slightly aromatic.

    Smoke my pipe for around 4-5 times and really enjoying the feeling and technique involved. I imagined the tobacco i bought to be a little more sweet and flavoursome than it is, to me it just tastes like tobacco but perhaps I am smoking to fast or something else. Im new so not really sure yet, I think i was just wondering with it being an "aromatic" is that more for the people in the room with me to smell, or should I be tasting some sort of different flavour? apologies if that is a stupid question

    I am also quite young and want to break the stigma that pipe smoking is only for balding beardy guys.

    anyway thanks for your time!

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    True Derelict Fuzzy's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Welcome to Puff!!
    I don't always drink beer,,,
    OK, yes I do

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    Re: Completely New

    to Puff, Kay. It's great to have you.

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes Hannibal's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Kay, welcome to puff.

    Aero's are more of a tobacco for others in the room and not so much for you. Some have a little more flavor and body but not like trying a pure VA, VA/PER, etc. etc.

    Best advice is take your time. If it goes out just relight it. You'll get the hang of it soon enough. Most of all, if you have any questions, please hit us up. There is a wealth of information around here.
    My Cellar: http://www.tobaccocellar.com/hannibal
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    Grumpy Gorilla hardcz's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Good to meet you Kay. I'm slightly new to pipes myself, though quite an old timer. My bones creak, I have some facial hair, and enjoy my pipes and cigars.

    I'd suggest getting on the newbie trade to get some samples of other types of tobacco, perhaps you'll find one more pleasing to you than others.

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes johnb's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    welcome aboard, kick back enjoy and if you have any questions these guys are a knowledgable bunch so dont be affraid to ask

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    Young Fish Locksmith's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Thanks for the welcome guys, what are VA, VA/PER?

    also Im not sure if the whole trade thing work work out too well, as I live in Sweden

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    Pipe Smokin' Piranha DSturg369's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Welcome Aboard Kay!

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader MarkC's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    VA= Virginia
    VaPer= Virginia/Perique


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    Young Fish Locksmith's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Lunch Break in 3 minutes, im all packed and ready to go

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    THE MAN WHO LOVES TWANG! TonyBrooklyn's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix

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    Young Fish bogiehdc's Avatar


    Re: Completely New

    Welcome to Puff! I am also new to pipe smoking, but have enjoyed the experience for the week I have been smoking!


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