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New Pipe smoker starting today.

This is a discussion on New Pipe smoker starting today. within the New Piper Fish Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Hello puff forums. Today is the day that I started smoking a pipe. I was browsing around online looking for ...

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    Newbie in the ocean


    New Pipe smoker starting today.

    Hello puff forums. Today is the day that I started smoking a pipe.

    I was browsing around online looking for what I think was best for me and decided on a corn cob. I was going to order one online but instead I just headed down to the shop and picked up one from there. The only one they had was an MM pony express, so I scooped it up. I bought 2 different packs of tobacco that I had seen elsewhere on the net that were recommended for beginner pipe smokers. I got the Captain Black Royal and the Sir Walter Raleigh. Needless to say I didn't enjoy either of them. Neither of them had the smell I was looking for or the taste.

    In my head I have this smell and taste I'm looking for. I want something that smells sweet and pleasant with a smooth taste to match. Might anyone have a recommendations?

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    Young Fish


    Re: New Pipe smoker starting today.

    Much like yourself, I started out with a MM cobb and Captain Black Royal. Soon after I purchased a Dr. Grabow Omega (which is still in my rotation) from the local drugstore and continued with the CB Royal. I've added a clay tavern and several Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipes to my collection, and now mainly smoke Peterson's Sherlock Holmes and Irish Whiskey blends. I also keep a tin of McClellands 221b black shag. I would recommend the Sherlock Holmes blend for smoothness. Not sure about the sweet smelling part though.

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    Young Fish


    Re: New Pipe smoker starting today.

    P.S. I also have a Peterson's Dublin churchwarden that smokes nicely.

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    THE MAN WHO LOVES TWANG! TonyBrooklyn's Avatar


    Re: New Pipe smoker starting today.

    WELCOME TO THE PIPE SIDE OF PUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix

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    Snuff-hound steinr1's Avatar


    Re: New Pipe smoker starting today.


    Good choices, from what I understand (those blends not available to me), in going for easy smoking blends in an easy smoking pipe to start with. I'd give it some time with these before rejecting them entirely. It's quite common to miss the flavours in a tobacco the first few times you smoke it, particularly if you are also getting your technique sorted as well. Still happens to very experienced smokers. Tobaccos take time to grow on you.

    There are too many variations to the "sweet smell and smooth taste" theme to give any real recommendations. When you feel you have the technique down well enough to proceed, try a few of the basic types (Virginia, Virginia/Perique, English, full Latakia, Lakeland, aromatic, etc.) to see where you like to be. From there there it will be much easier to give recommendations - there is plenty of advice available on the forum.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish jco3rd's Avatar


    Re: New Pipe smoker starting today.

    My go-to pipes are MM. I love them because I'm not afraid to knock them around and just enjoy smoking. Also, I really like that they have smaller bowls. Back when I started, and even now, that was a big plus.

    What don't you like about the CB? Probably not the best Aro I've ever had, but I thought it was pretty decent. You might try the Lane Ltd. 1Q, which I have heard is like the "premium" CB. Other than that, I'm a fan of the Boswell Aros. Check on here or on Tobacco Reviews to get an idea of which ones you'd like. I really like their Christmas Cookie, and the wife really likes the smell of the smoke. Always a good thing! I've kind of moved on a bit to Virginias and some english blends but if you are looking for something really smooth and that won't knock you out, I think a good solid aro is the way to go. Good luck and enjoy!

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    Full grown Puffer Fish jco3rd's Avatar


    Re: New Pipe smoker starting today.

    I should have mentioned I smoke Captain Black white, not CB Royal... never had Royal!


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