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New Pipe Smoker- Long Island, NY

This is a discussion on New Pipe Smoker- Long Island, NY within the New Piper Fish Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Hey, it’s nice to meet everyone I’m Justin. I thought I would introduce myself. I am brand spankin new to ...

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    Newbie in the ocean


    New Pipe Smoker- Long Island, NY

    Hey, it’s nice to meet everyone I’m Justin. I thought I would introduce myself. I am brand spankin new to the pipe smokingworld/community. I’m mature yet youngfor a brand new pipe smoker, College student =P. I hope everyone is doing well tonight. It is sort of overwhelming with the vastamount of information I can learn about pipes and pipe tobacco as well ascleaning pipes and what not. I’m notsure of where to begin but I will say that I love sweet tasting tobacco andaroma’s, smooth yet more of a full flavored. To start off, I will say that I love to death Turkish tobacco it’samazing I think personally. Even thoughit is not pipe tobacco when I had my first Camel Turkish Royal I bummed from afriend I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The smell,taste, full flavored, yet smoothness are what I truly love about it. I just thought I would let the community knowso it helps me with possibly future purchases from pipesandcigars. I am a total newbie and just winged it lastnight I was not sure of what type of pipe tobacco to purchase. I don’t really have time to sit down forhours and read online and reviews.

    I went ahead and bought last night McClelland Frog Morton’s Cellar and FrogMorton on the Bayou due to the popularity and how it is highly recommended fromvideos on YouTube and some research on the internet I did. A good friend smokes rolledcigarettes and he had some Peter Stokkebye Amsterdam so he gave me a littlebit. I’m somewhat sad today because Ibought my first pipe a $7.50 Corn Cob basic pipe from my local smoke shop. On the first tobacco bowl the side of theCorn Cob Pipe the Bowl area turned black and as well another area of the bowl hada hole in its side. After the second tobaccobowl it went up in flames =/ =( it fell apart and had to put it under my hose inwater. It’s somewhat discouraging withmy first pipe and especially trying to light tobacco outside it can be hard anda challenge with matches haha. I guess Iwill not be purchasing from that tobacco shop again. I went ahead and got some basic BJ Long 80’s pipecleaners and a pipe tool accessory to push down the ash. I purchased this today at the smoke shop aswell. I hope to hear back from everyonesoon god bless!

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: New Pipe Smoker- Long Island, NY

    Hello Justin,
    Puff is a great site to learn and gain information from much more experience members. I am with you as a pipe smoker. I originally started up last year with a few friends as a way for us to relax after classes and hang out. It wasn't until this year I really began to experience what pipe smoking is truly all about. I couple this and rotate it with my cigar smoking as a cheaper alternative, but more enjoyable during circumstances. I enjoy aromatic tobaccos too and I believe you were correct in your research on Frog Morton's as when I sampled some at my last cigar and pipe meeting they were very enjoyable and tasty.

    It is quite unfortunate what happened to your corn cob, I would say to go back to the B&M and see if they can replace it since it sounds like it was a defect from what you explained with the hole. Welcome to the forums, and welcome as a new BOTL.

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    Re: New Pipe Smoker- Long Island, NY

    Welcome to the pipe side of puff!
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix


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