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This is a discussion on Recent convert within the New Piper Fish Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I have like cigars for a long time, but kept it as an occasional luxury due to the cost. Recently ...

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    Recent convert

    I have like cigars for a long time, but kept it as an occasional luxury due to the cost. Recently I decided to try pipe tobacco again after several years, and I think I'm hooked. The first time I tried a pipe, I just got some random tobacco from the drug store and didn't see the point--hot and flavorless. This time I did some research, and I'm already hooked on English blends. They actually have flavor! Do many cigar smokers gravitate towards English blends?

    Anyway, glad to find a more affordable luxury. Soon I hope to find a nice pipe that I like. This Missouri meerschaum is acceptable, but feels too small in my hand.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Marlow's Avatar


    Re: Recent convert


    I am one cigar smoker who gravitates to english blends, although for me the type of tobacco I smoke is very much season based but english does fit every season for me, but it fits summertime the best.

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    Re: Recent convert

    Hello, and welcome!

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    Re: Recent convert

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix

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    Re: Recent convert

    Roy! I'm a cigar smoker who enjoys English blends, but also really likes aromatics. For me, straight Virginias tend to be my least smoked blends.

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    Re: Recent convert

    I find that many cigar folks like English (I presume that you mean those with Latakia) blends - perhaps because they stand out as being so different from cigars. I started with them pretty much exclusively, but now I enjoy everything from OTCs to Burley and straight VA blends.

    When it comes down to brass tacks though, one is most likely to find me enjoying a VaPer on any particular day.

    As to the nicer pipes, consider an estate pipe from sites like Pulvers briar, smokingpipes, or the like. I have only 1 briar that I purchased new, and 3 estate pipes. You get a really good bang for your buck with them.
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