Hello all I'm Ron and I a Cigar Smoker oh sorry wrong meeting.
I have been smoking cigars for over 30 years I have taken a few breaks but I always come back. In my 20's I used to smoke 2 or 3 Royal Jamaican Presidentes a day and a pipe.
Now in my late 50's I prefer a Maduro 6x60 and above, I'm a slow smoker so when I get together on a Sunday afternoon with the guys from our club I go for like a Flathead 7X70 or a Payback or a SLR Titan Maduro 6x60 I may have one to their 3. I'm lucky to hang with a great group who like to hunt out pre 2007 Camacho Triple Maduro 1118 so I have enjoyed a few of those lately
Besides cigars I love Photography, walking, reading and Magic.
I am self-employed as a Voice Actor and a Family Entertainer as I said in the title I live in the Hudson Valley of New York on the Eastside of the river.
As I write this I'm looking forward to CigarFest 2015 would love to meet anybody going I hope this give you all a bit of an overview of me.