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Montecristo Robusto #5 (Dominican) Review

This is a discussion on Montecristo Robusto #5 (Dominican) Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; I won a tin of four of these as part of golf package during a silent aution Friday night. I ...

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    Young Puffer Fish Cap'n Mike's Avatar


    Montecristo Robusto #5 (Dominican) Review

    I won a tin of four of these as part of golf package during a silent aution Friday night. I also won a box of Los Blancos Diplimaticos in that package, thatI don't know anything about. It was a good night.

    I smoked one of the Robustos late Sunday afternoon with some Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fouise from 2002 (a damn good white wine), while I grilled some chicken and watched the sun set.

    First let me say, I had never smoked a non-cuban Monte and really didn't know what to expect.

    First impression is that this cigar is so well made that is hard to believe it is hand-rolled (and it may not be, I don't know either way). Beautiful natural wrappers on all four were flawless.

    Pre-light draw and aroma were mild and instantly reminded me of some Ashton churchills I have in my big box (those are very good cigars, but too mild for my tastes so I hand them out to friends and/or guests who are just starting out with cigars or who like a mild smoke). So I was a little disappointed as I fired it up.

    First few puffs were very mild and continued to remind me of the Ashtons. I smoked it down about an inch and half without much more thought as I was preparing the grill. But then I noticed the ash. It was remarkably stil there and perfectly shaped. In fact it stayed that way till about 2/3sof the way through, till I set it down. Light grey ash.

    To me the most (and VERY) remarkable aspect of this cigar was it's construction. It may be the most perfectly made cigar I have ever seen, and certainly the most perfect cigar I have ever smoked. Maybe too perfect.

    It provided lots of smoke and my wife thought it was more pleasant than the "nasty ol' dark ones' I usually smoke.

    But, having said all that, it is also a very mild and meek cigar to smoke. I would not ever buy these for myself, but I will keep the other three in the milder Ashtons for guests and friends.

    Anyway, that's my take. Thanks for reading,


    PS: Any one know anything about the Los Blancos Diplimaticos?
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    Grumpy Old Man punch's Avatar


    Re: Montecristo Robusto #5 (Dominican)

    Nice review, Mike. The Montecristos (DR) are what I judge all other cigars against as far as construction is concerned. About the only cigars that I have seen as as pretty as the DR Montecristo are the Cuban Cohibas. When it comes to consistency, I doubt anything beats the DR Montecristo. I have yet to smoke a brand that is so consistent from cigar to cigar within a box, or from box to box. This does not mean that I LIKE all of the DR Montecristos, but I do appreciate their construction.
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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: Montecristo Robusto #5 (Dominican) Review

    Nice review, couldn't have described the smoke better myself. I definitely agree on the construction, they were some beautiful cigars. Never had a cuban Monte, but I can deal with DR ones until that damn embargo is lifted!

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    Re: Montecristo Robusto #5 (Dominican) Review

    That sounds exactly like the impression I got when one day I decided to grab a Dominican Monte #2 and see if it was worth it's lofty price tag. It looked and felt too perfect to be real; perfectly smooth, seamless, and uniform wrapper with a solid symmetrical perfect shape and solidly even pack. It almost seemed like a crime to set fire to such a perfect specimen. That's where my amazement ended, for it was just way too mild and lacking in the bold full flavors I like in a cigar.
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