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Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro Review

This is a discussion on Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Had this one taking up limited real estate in the humidor for too long. I don't smoke many Gurkha cigars. ...

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    Young Puffer Fish KLMCCOY's Avatar


    Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro Review

    Had this one taking up limited real estate in the humidor for too long. I don't smoke many Gurkha cigars. I purchased this one to see if it lived up to the hype of the scary warning "Not to be sold to amateurs".

    Appearance-Very smooth, slightly oily but not shiny, very few small veins
    Construction-Well filled with no soft spots
    Aroma/Pre-light draw-typical stinky Gurkha with a maduro sweetness. The draw was just the right amount of resistance for me with strong taste of pepper and earth.

    First third-Very quick light after my usual toasting ritual. The draw produced lots of smoke with rich notes of cedar and earth and a hint of black pepper from the start. Finish was full and left a light taste of coffee. Burn was slightly one sided.

    Second third-The cedar taste intensified with a bit of coffee that would come and go. Finish left a strong black pepper feeling on the back of my palette that I really look forward to in ligero blends. Burn never corrected itself but did not pose a problem yet.

    Final third-The pleasant cedar sweetness has become secondary to leather and earth notes. The pepper has become pretty dominant as well, but not strong enough too keep from snorking every other draw. I really enjoy modulation so this is very important to my enjoyment. Burn has evened out although previous issues prevented me from keeping a good ash going.

    I put this one down with about 2 inches left. I was very sastified with the quality and flavor from this Gurkha. Much better than I had anticipated after the disappointment I have expererienced with the other blends I tried. I would definitely recommend it to Gurkha fans who have yet to try either of the Avenger varieties. In the future if I was craving a full bodied ligero, I would definitely buy an Oliva V for about the same price. Thanks for reading

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Cigary's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    Good review and Gurkhas can be a good smoke as long as you don't pay the sticker on them,,,,just not worth the markup. I am able to get the Titans for about $5 a stick and that seems to be worth it,,,not the $13 they ask for them.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes TDIvey's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    Thanks for the review. Tried many of the Gurkha line and the only one that has yet to not disappoint (at least with consistency) is the Master Select and like another poster stated, "as long as you don't the retail" on them and can grab them cheap online, they're even better.

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    Young Puffer Fish Yorzinlax's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    I echo the sentiments above. Gurkhas are a pretty good smoke if you can get half or better off retail. The one I like best is the Royal Brigade. Got a 6 pack a year ago. Five down and no trouble with the burn. Thanks for the review.

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    First time post here! I have been reading post for a couple of months now, had to post on this one. I have been smoking for about 3 years. The first time I tried a Gurkha I believe it was the Titan. Great heavy smoke, absolutely delicious, I believe I had it with a meal. That one smoke got me hooked on the Gurkha brand (I know kind of stupid). I was at one of my local B&M's and they had a special on Gurkha's, buy one box and get a sampler free. So I purchased a box of Fuerte's, never trying them before, and got a 5 pack of other selected Gurkhas varieties. I've got to say I was very disappointed! I believe I have good taste in cigars. Don Pepin blue and Ilusione being some of my go to cigars. The Furte's where so bad I actually stopped half way through. I gave them one more chance, with another one out of my box; it was just more of the same. The sampler pack was horrific as well. I personally can't believe how much they sell these cigars for. I will probably stay away from the brand my entire life. Thank you guys for this great Site.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish MiamiRolled's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    I have had the G5, triple ligero, titan, doble maduro, and even the sherpa. Find them all to be good looking, well constructed cigars, with very minimal flavor. Could not believe that the G5 and titan were called full-body, and for "serious smokers only." I found them very lightweight and airy, although the tatse was nice, sweet, unpretentious. All in all, the triple ligero is my favorite, if I had to. If any of these sticks can be found for less than $2 (except for the sherpa of course, silly little gar), than jump on them. If more than that, ehhhhhhhhh IMHO.

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    WTF Scott W.'s Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    Quote Originally Posted by Cigary View Post
    Good review and Gurkhas can be a good smoke as long as you don't pay the sticker on them,,,,just not worth the markup. I am able to get the Titans for about $5 a stick and that seems to be worth it,,,not the $13 they ask for them.
    to pay $13 for a Gurkha is an awful thing.

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    Leading Puffer Fish


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    I haven't had the Avenger (yet), but I've smoked a decent pile of Big Stinkies, and never had one yet that disappointed me. They're definitely a Love 'em or Hate 'em brand, though. Those of you that hate 'em, you're just leaving more for the rest of us.

    Wouldn't pay full price for them, though. Mostly $3-6, a very few up to around $8. C-bid is my new best friend.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Cobrajet's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro

    Thanks for the good review! Unlike other Gurkha offerings, this one didn't work well for me. Good thing we have variety though!
    "Just because I don't care doesn't mean I'm not interested." - Homer Simpson

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    Twerking ain't for Smurfs Packerjh's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro Review

    I just happen to be smoking a G5 Avenger right now, and am on board with most of you. I like to have the Gurkhas in the Humidor for looks and as part of my collection...but for the most part they are seriously lacking in flavor.

    Not quite the case with the G5, luckily. It looks nice, has a simple (for Gurkha) band, and seems well constructed. I thought it had a nice pre light flavor and draw, with just a little pepper tickle on the pre-light draw.

    My G5 lit easily and produced nice amounts of flavorful smoke in a light breeze outside. I'm not the best at discerning the individual flavors in a cigar...to me it's good, or not...simple, I know.

    For the first third this cigar had a nice medium bodied flavor that I enjoyed quite a lot. Actually I was a bit surprised because it was so enjoyable...after all, it was a Gurkha, and they can be a bit "card-boardish" if you get my drift. The ash was flaky, though, and didn't hold well at all, in my opinion.

    Second third was similar to the first, with the pepper coming into play a bit more and again, more unstable ash. Actually, I was a bit miffed when the inch or so that I had built up plopped on my shoe when I was a bit inattentive :-(

    The final third picked up more pepper, and the taste got a little bitter...I've been having a bit of trouble keeping it lit, and had to do one re-light. This stick is one that needs pretty regular puffing or it wants to go out. I would say it didn't live up to the Ligero hype that they mention, but as Gurkha's go, it's pretty medium/full body.


    Likes: Pretty good body and amount of smoke. Good construction and appearance with a good burn line. decent flavor.

    Dislikes: Took some care to keep it lit. The ash is unstable and likely to mess up your clothes if you're not careful.

    Overall, this was an enjoyable 45 minute smoke for me, and I'd have another. I got this in a 5-star sampler from C-Bid, so the price was right, and it is not a cigar that I regret smoking.

    Have a great day, and SMOKE ON!

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    Don'tKillYourselfToLive simpleman6's Avatar


    Re: Gurkha G5 Avenger Toro Review

    Thanks for the review, have two waiting for me.
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