A Few Things

1. Only post REVIEWS here - simple but needs to be said (obviously you can respond to a posted review but NEW threads that are created should ONLY be reviews in this forum)

2. The title of your post should be in THIS format only:

Name of cigar Review

So whatever the name of the cigar is you are reviewing and please add the word Review
at the end of your post.

Be sure that the SPELLING of the cigar you are reviewing is accurate.

3. Try to include some photos. It helps other members if you show a picture of the cigar before lighting. Also try to show a picture of each 1/3 of the cigar so other members can see how it looks as it is being smoked.

4. We have a lot of great members who provide cigar reviews to share their experience with other members. We welcome and encourage you to write your own reviews. All reviews need to be written in the Puff forums. Anyone who posts a review thread linking the review to another Cigar website, blog, facebook account or cigar related site is in violation of the advertising and spam rules which can result in a ban from Puff.com.