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La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

This is a discussion on La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Here is another new cigar straight out of IPCPR. I think this cigar should hit the shelves very soon. Size: ...

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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    Here is another new cigar straight out of IPCPR. I think this cigar should hit the shelves very soon.

    Size: 5.5X54 - Im going to call it a robusto, maybe robusto gordo?
    Wrapper: Capa Oscura. This cigar is black as dirt! Deep dark Black!
    Filler: Nicaraguan "proprietary". They won't tell where from even when we asked!
    Binder: Nicaraguan "proprietary". Once again, not too much info on it.
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Factory: El Credito Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic
    Day/Time: August 14/ 8:15pm
    Finish time: 9:50pm
    Drink: Cold water

    First looks, this cigar is probly the darkest maduro I have ever smoked or possibly seen! Its dirt, oil, tar,midnight BLACK. The band is your typical LGC band, except the Serie N and the big "N" behind the woman on the band; if you look too fast you will miss it.

    They come in hexagonal boxes of 24 and they are trying or did patent the box design.
    The cigar is sturdy wirth a few viens and is solid until the foot where its a little spongy. Nothing to be worried about though.
    Smelling the foot there is a strong sense of hay or straw; very prevalant. The cap on this cigar must be a quadruple cap or it may be the wrapper is of thick leaves. It took some serious pusshing to get my punch through it. When I did manage to punch it, i noticed a hole in the binder.... not sure what that was about, but you can see it and how thick the cap is here.

    I toasted the foot and as soon as it took off, boy did it ever! With tons of thick white smoke! The first thing I tasted that came to mind was apricots or dried raisins. the draw on tihs cigar is dead on with very good even burn. I did not have to touch it up till towards the middle.
    3/4" into it, the taste got a little creamy, but still the same flavors as before. A medium-full bodied smoke with a nice tight ass with close rings and a white to off white ash.

    Working into the 2nd third i started tasting a new flavor that I cou;nd't put my finger or tongue onto... then it hit me! Neslte's Nesquik chocolate milk powder mix! Tastes chocolaty and chalky in a good way. The ash is still holding on tight and not wanting to tap it. Doesn't look to want to fall yet so i'll let it go. Into the 2nd third some more, i get the taste of chocolate cover carmel candy bar similar to a Carmello candy bar. And I LOVE these candy bars!! Now the humidity is catching up with it and it needs a touch up after I tapped the ash off. It rained today and is still hot and humid out even at 8:45. Almost throught the 2nd third wet straw and sweet cocoa is baking a slight appreance to the tastebuds. Finally took a sip of the water.

    Working my way into the last third a slight tangyness is approching, maybe puffing to fast. The semi-sweet cocoa is becoming more prevalant. I left the cigar for about 2-3 minutes to help the family and came back thinking I was going to have to relight it, but it was still going on. A low maintence cigar. The cocoa is staying in into the last part of the cigar. Dark deep choclate nuances towards the end. The humidity took its toll and caught up with me and the cigar, I was in the phone and left it unattended and it went out. Clean the ash, relight and purge.
    Bitter chocolate startedin, maybe due to relight... Then nuances of wet hay. Let it rest with about an 1" left.

    I am not much of a maduro fan, but this cigar being as dark as i is really suprised me alot! The burn, tastes, body was all great! Im sure you maduro lovers will love this alot. I have a friend who smoked it (and loves maduro)and he raved about it.

    I would deffinately buy this cigar again and trust me, its worth a try or three on it!

    If I was to give it a grade, I would say a good 89-92 overall.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Cigary's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    You have my attention now! That stick is dark..I love it already and the flavors you pointed out makes me want one right now. This is my kind of cigar and LGC is one of those cigars I like anyway but to have one that dark with those kinds of flavors...can't wait to get my mitts on some. Thx for the review!
    A mind is like a parachute...it works best when it's open.

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    Young Fish drdive's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    I was just gifted this cigar from the manager at our B&M. Thanks Cam! He asked me to give it a try and tell him what I think of it. I'll smoke it tomorrow with a nice glass of scotch, and give my reviews later.

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    Ole Crusty Spiked Fish tpharkman's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    I love Nestle Quik!!! I will enjoy keeping an eye out for these.
    Agnes, have you seen my Don Diegos?

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    Lead Farmer Pitbull's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    Gotta love LGC's the wrapper on that cigar is black as coal!!!
    Better To Be Judged By 12 Than Carried By 6

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    Can't wait to try one. LGC's are among my very favorites.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader jeepthing's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    Cant wait to try it
    Whatever it is -- I didn't do it!

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes BKDW's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    That cigar looks real good!!
    "I don't expect a consumer to spend $15 on a cigar and have to sit on it for two years..." Jorge Padron

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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review


    Richmond, VA—Team La Gloria Cubana is proud to unveil La Gloria Cubana Serie N®, a wholly new collection custom made for the initiated.

    A sister brand to the critically-acclaimed La Gloria Cubana Serie R® collection, La Gloria Cubana Serie N debuts into a lofty position. This new, four-cigar collection delivers in spades by marrying proprietary Nicaraguan tobacco with the brand’s signature Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. Through artisanal blending and by employing specific frontmarks to maximize the unique flavor, this stimulating, full-bodied offering is punctuated by spicy notes and balanced to reveal a refined smoke.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie N is the brainchild of Yuri Guillen (General Cigar Dominicana’s production manager of manufacturing) who developed this new collection in concert with Benji Menendez, Michael Giannini and Rick Rodriguez, collectively known as Team La Gloria Cubana.

    According to Debo Mukherjee, vice president of cigars for General Cigar, parent company of La Gloria Cubana, “In creating La Gloria Cubana Serie N, our intent was to provide tenured smokers with a flavorful powerhouse of a cigar, one worthy of its pedigree, and I believe we have delivered that in spades. We are confident that consumers will respond to the new taste dimension brought forth by the proprietary Nicaraguan tobacco.”

    La Gloria Cubana Serie N is sure to capture the attention of tenured smokers, for its fire-engine red, hexagonal wooden box, replete with a gold Serie N logo opens to reveal an eye-catching angular configuration of 24 of the handcrafted cigars.

    This striking new collection will debut in October with four exciting new frontmarks. The JSB (5 ½” x 54) will be available for a suggested retail price of $6.35 per cigar, while the Rojo frontmark (6 ½” x 46) will sell for $6.20 per cigar. Generoso (5 ¾” x 49) will carry an SRP of $5.95 per cigar, and Glorioso (6 ½” x 5 will sell for $7.00 per cigar.

    La Gloria Cubana cigars are produced by General Cigar Co. Inc., which manufactures and markets handcrafted cigars for the premium market. Committed to delivering cigars of the finest quality, General Cigar also produces Macanudo, Cohiba®, Partagas® Hoyo de Monterrey®, Excalibur®, La Gloria Cubana® and several other leading premium brands. In addition, the company grows its own premium Connecticut Shade wrapper tobacco, as well as natural and candela wrapper in the Dominican Republic. General Cigar also operates Club Macanudo®, a cigar bar in New York City. Based in Richmond, VA, General Cigar sells through tobacconists nationwide. For more information, please visit Best Cigars - Premium Dominican Cigars and Fine Cigars from CigarWorld.com.

    ® La Gloria Cubana Serie N, Serie R, Macanudo, Cohiba, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur and Club Macanudo are registered trademarks of General Cigar Co. Inc.

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    I must of received a bad one. This was one of the freebies from Cigar Fest. I have to say it was probably the worst cigar I ever smoked. It had a very hard draw that had to be worked.
    The taste was very harsh wit a bitter overtone. Just overall nasty.
    This sat in my humidor for a few weeks after returning from Cigar Fest. Quite possibly I got a bad one as my past experiences with the Series R were always positive.
    I hate to sound so negative.

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    THE MAN WHO LOVES TWANG! TonyBrooklyn's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    They were great when they were rolled in Miami before the dyed wrappers! Nice review thanks!!!!!!!!!
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix

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    ~Satori's Dad~ thebayratt's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    I think the one I smoked is a little different from the ones that are out on the shelves now. The one I got was from IPCPR and the wrapper looked a bit darker than today's and possibly a few different tastes.

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie N "Robusto?" Review

    I just tried this (actually, I am still smoking as I type.) The flavors are good and have been covered in this thread, but the draw is hard for me.
    Especially if one tends to add a lot of saliva at the end it can clog it up...

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