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Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection' Review

This is a discussion on Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection' Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; [SIZE="4"] [/SIZE] This stick has been kicking around in my humi for a long time, and while, as a rule, ...

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    Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection' Review



    This stick has been kicking around in my humi for a long time, and while, as a rule, I think that Fuente makes great products, and agree with the online opinion that they make a consistently good smokes, this little stick always struck me as the runt - a little lost, neglected, distant Fuente cousin perhaps... maybe mocked by its finer, straighter, shinier kin and forgotten in a south american tropical suburb.

    There is a reason that despite my liking of all things Fuente, this little stick that could, could just not get picked by me, until tonight when by chance or fate it had fought its way to the top center and ready for the plucking.

    I have no recollection where it came from or really what it is, and I being too green to know all the lines as yet (let me know your guesses) can't place it or look up the specs.

    It is a 6.5 x about 40. The wrapper was blotchy, uneven, toothy, nah, a shade darker than natural but lighter than maduro - texture was coarse - with no a hope of oily simmer - this stick is several bloodlinies away from its proud and gleaming relatives.

    The draw was very lose but overall the smoke was pleasant. A little rough in the second half and near unsmokeable after the first relight.

    Dispite its challeneges in life, it was pleasant overall - Being Fuente whatever I paid for it was probably too much (unless it was one of the sticks I got in the famed local Albertsons humidor $1 clearout of '03, then I probably got a bargain).

    Flavor was medium overall and was one of those smokes that have no defineable flavors aside from cigar flavored. Wrapper was also very veiny and the band looked cheap.

    I would give it a generous 82, after all, I too am but a portion of my potential and heritage and hope that one day someone might pick me, and after a brief and mediocre fling, judge me favorably and move on.

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    Re: Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection'

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a curlyhead given the construction quality and cheap looking band.

    Welcome to Club Stogie!
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    Re: Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection'

    Sounds like a curly head deluxe, given your description. I had one not too long ago.

    Walt White

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    Re: Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection'

    Was gonna say sounds like a curly head also. Hey a curly head is better than no head at all.

    May your ashes be long and your humidor always full.
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    Re: Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection'

    Name:Arturo Fuente Special Selection
    Batch No.: n/a
    MSRP: 2.5
    Size: ~5/42-ish ?
    Aged in my humidor: nope
    Drink Choice: none
    Occasion: Walk in th park with G/F
    Time of smoke & Weather Conditions: 8PM mid 70's
    Cut Choice New GOV-NER...Nice cut!
    Pre-Light thoughts: Rugged type construction, just the raw dog I like. Oh yeah and my first AF ever!!!!
    The Light:Used a torch lighter...That puppy lit right up!!.Strong Flavor..
    The Draw:Smooth draw, pretty loose, not overly though.
    First third: I'm pretty sure this was a Maduro, the flavor was just that, dark. It was really harsh at first, but than from some post a few weeks ago I remember the topic of purging..So I tried it and it worked great...
    Second third: I enjoyed this third the best of all, The flavors were tasty..Yet still a bit strong..maybe this cigar needed a few months of rest.
    Final third: I smoked about half of the last third b/c we had to be somewhere, but all the same I was finished. I'm going to give another one of these a try some day...the price is right.
    Final note: This cigar I have very mixed emotions about...on one side I liked it, and on the other it was a bit harsh and just ok...I Will have to give it another try one day and report back.

    As always, Thanks for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it.
    ~Jeremy ~
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    Re: Arturo Fuente 'Special Selection' Review

    Thought I would resurrect this old thread for reference on my experience with the AF Special. Someone gave me a 6x43 in a trade. I'm not trying to hurt any feelings just report my smoking experience.
    Curly head with little bitty piggy tail.
    Rough looking and toothynwith veins
    Bit of a shaggy foot
    1st third had a strong distinctive flavor, kind of tasty with nice slow burn, 1/2" ash drop average.
    2nd third about the same to halfway, just lighter body and flavor from restricted smoke draw now.
    Last third, slow burn, tar is up building up in head, cleared out fouled head by pinching out tobacco. Fully open now. Lots of harsh smoke . it 3 good purge blows, let it cool off. MUCH BETTER! Still pretty bland in flavor. Burn was good on this smoke, pretty much only one correction half way. Halfway into last third started tasting nasty, its done.
    The last AF Special I had was much worse because it was not in condition. This was in good shape. I can think of much better 4x32 smokes than the AF special scraps from the table to light up This cigar is a smoke it halfway and toss it Stogie. Absolutely an example of there being lots more to a cigar name proving a good smoke. AF special is not a box buy, not even a 5er buy. YMMV.
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