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Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

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    Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Details: This is a Carlos Torano Cigars International Exclusive.
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Rosado
    Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, and Peru
    Binder: Nicaraguan and Honduran Blend?
    Size: 5.5 X 56 Double Robusto
    Cost: $3 (Single off The Devil)

    Prelight:(10) Nice firm well rolled stick without any large veins on the nice chocolate colored wrapper. There is mild superficial nick up near the head as shown in the pictures and a few pimples but overall looks pretty good. Good solid feel in the hand with a nice heft. Smelled medium of tobacco. Not particularly strong or overpowering. Just nice medium intensity good tobacco smell. The same can be said from a taste perspective off of the prelight draw which was open. Well designed rather conservative band looks good on this stick with it's maroon interior and iron studs around the  border. The cap is pretty good. 9/10

    Flavor & Aroma:
    (15) 1st 3rd: Starts off leathery and very smooth on the palate with a medium body smoke. There is a little spiciness through the nose but it doesn't even come close to be offending. There is a very late and distant soft spike of pepper on the finish and a little bit of a creamy sweetness in the aroma. So far I am pleasantly surprised and I am only 1/2 way through the 1st 3rd. A little spice is creeping into the aroma at times along with a little wood as I near the end of the 1st 3rd. 13/15
    (15) 2nd 3rd: The flavors presented in the first 1/3rd remain largely the same and I feel like the body hasn't changed much either but is hinting at the potential to go a little more medium/full before all is said and done. The good thing is that core flavors were smooth, solid and pleasurable. I do wish there was more spice. Not pepper but more of that cinnamon nutmeg type of spice that i am so fond of.  I am noting a little more pepper in the finish now. 13/15
    (15) Final 3rd: Really getting some nice creamy leathery flavors out of this final 3rd. The pepper is still ever present and the body is as medium/full as it's going to get. The smoke remains aromatic with cedar and there is still a touch of pepper through the nose. I am starting to get some nic zing in the back of the throat down near the nub zone but htis cigar never had any real bite to it. It was a smooth sailer the whole way. 13/15

    Construction & Burn:
    (10) 1st 3rd: More dark than light colors in the pepper and salt ash which is a strong holder despite the slightly hilly burn. The draw and volume is pretty good but so far this cigar demands a little wake up puff on each pickup to get a good volume. A 1 puff sip simply just doesn't do it with this fella. 8/10

    (10) 2nd 3rd: Despite the good prelight draw, now that I am into the stick it is getting a little irritating. It seems a little airy at times. It isn' t plugged and I haven't hit any tunnels yet. It just seems like I hit a spot that is too dense.  Right past the 1/2 everything cleared up fortunately and I was glad that the cigar never canoed. The burn line stayed steady albeit slightly hilly. The ash is still holding to about 2" before falling with a slight tap. It was still taking a double puff to get good volume.  8/10

    (10) Final 3rd: Entering the final 3rd the ash and wrapper started flowering all by itself as show in the picture below. It was still smoking ok but looked pretty darn ugly. I kept rolling though without trying to intervene and eventually burned right through that mess only to encounter another flare out almost immediately. The volume was remarkably better now that the heat was starting to soften up the head of the cigar but the burn was damn ugly. 8/10

    Thoughts:(15) If you like a nice medium to progressively medium/full bodied cigar with a SMOOTH  solid leather core and some nice peripheral flavors then this is a cigar you would love. Like I said the only thing I could have asked for was some spice but everything else was good. It was very smooth and had a really nice creamy and slightly sweet late pepper finish. My only real beef was with the smoke volume. The draw was good but the volume could have been better through the 1st 2/3. It was good for the final act. Overall not overly exciting or complex but not a bad cigar at all. It couldn't have been that bad since I nubbed it, so smoke it....you may like it! Would I buy it again...probably not individually but wouldn't turn down a sampler because it was in there. 13/15

    Final: 85

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Great review, the only reason I've stayed away from the Fortress was because of the large RG's, but I wouldn't mind trying the 56.

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Thanks for the review.
    "I don't expect a consumer to spend $15 on a cigar and have to sit on it for two years..." Jorge Padron

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    that's why I'll leave the reviewing to you guys... very nice.

    I smoked one last week. a pleasant delight to say the least. Certainly nothing special but very good and flavorful. Personally I really Enjoyed the flavor, just a real good everyday, anytime type cigar imo. I could definitely wake up and smoke one of these in the morning or just have one after work or mid day. I'm really tempted to grab a box after I some more notables & favorables knocked out first. Maybe I'll check the devil for a few more to be safe. Definitely a solid smoke worth a taste run imho. nicely written review.

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Nice review Brad!

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Smoking one of these right now. So far I am loving it in the first third.

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Good review.

    At three bucks a cigar or there about, sounds like something for me.
    I don't always drink beer,,,
    OK, yes I do

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Im on the last third it definitely starts creamy and sweet and ends with more pepper. Burn can be uneven at time. I like toranos and this is definitely a good everyday smoke for the price.

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Nice review Brad! I like a number of sticks from the Torano line. Have not tried this one yet but a good review and nice price will put this one on the list!

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    Re: Carlos Torano Fortress Double Robusto Review

    Just finished one and my verdict is a definite box worthy value stick that has nice flavors. That said there are minor burn issues they may turn off some botl. But at 3 bucks apiece or less it is a daytime, outdoor time, or drive time beauty.

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