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New cigar sampling routine/habits

This is a discussion on New cigar sampling routine/habits within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Originally Posted by mturnmm I justlove that '68 Black Bear! Same here. Think i will smoke my 2nd right now. ...

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Quote Originally Posted by mturnmm View Post
    I justlove that '68 Black Bear!

    Same here. Think i will smoke my 2nd right now.

    Cigar bid order has been confirmed. Will arrive Friday, ho hum, oh joy,
    can't wait, it's what I live for.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    My marriage with Cigar Bid is OVER. POOR shipping policy leads me to a necessary break. Won't get my order until next Tuesday now. Unacceptable seeing my order was boxed and ready to go at 9am yesterday morning, but because the NEVER ship during the day, was not sent out until today. Gave them $600 in February, $720 in March, and $620 last month. ONLY $570 with month. I am certain they have countless customers that drop $600 per month on their site so I won't be missed.

    Two WORTHY 2nd smoking of the best Connecticut I have yet to smoke,
    PERDOMO Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne 6x54 Epicure can't be beat.

    and PERDOMO FRESCO may only cost $2 a stick but is as good as any mid grade Connecticut like Vegas Gold, Rocky Patel, or Gurkha. Will use that to help fill the Cigar Bid void.

    Oh well, all good things come to an end. Have a small REPOSADO '96 Connecticut delivery coming tomorrow. Reposado Habano is very good. Will see if the Connecticut matches up. Have heard good things about them.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    BOY OH BOY, Cigar Bid has put me in the bind of a lifetime. Knowing know local Herfers around the Pittsburgh/Coraopolis area any longer, and no shipping on Monday, I am reduced to, well nothing! I could just KILL someone their in shipping.

    Still, I never would have tried #59 BRIOSO 6x60, that is pronounced BRI O SO, and for $3.75 it is a good medium stick. Looks like it would offer a lot more, but for the price it is mildly sweet, with a creamy Carmel under taste that is just noticeable. Falls short of a premium cigar but most 3.75 sticks do. Found the best on line offer at Rocky's Cigars, 20, 6x60 sticks for $49.00. Very good deal.

    Also will try another Camacho Factory, for whatever that means, value line National Brand Churchill, Quorum Shade Grown Churchill, much darker then the Connecticut I tried two days ago, and Reposado '96 Connecticut Figurado.

    If I had any local Puff bro's to grad an emergency 15 pack off of I never would have found the splendid Dog Rocket PLUS cigars.

    Also found Camacho OUTDOORSMAN 6x60, bundles of 20 for $56. Over priced about $6, but worth the extra change as opposed to no smoking at all.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    NATIONAL BRAND 7x50 Churchill, #60, is on the average side. Would say it almost reaches mid level Connecticut sticks like Park Avenue, Vegas Gold, or Rocky Patel. Cigars seems to scream for a large sized line like 7.5x54 or 6x60. That would up the mild tobacco flavor level a bit.

    AND IT IS 4:15pm and where the FU** is the UPS truck. Been out for delivery since 5am. He started exactly 9 miles from the house. TAKES HIM 11 PLUS hours to drop a one pound box at my house!!!! Just kidding, but you know what I mean.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Is the best cigar yet made on Free Fall right now at Cigar Bid?


    Champagne is their number one selling line and for a good reason. No Natural wrap cigar offers a more unique and full flavor as the Champagne line.

    Now add a sweet Maduro wrapper around all that excellent tobacco and you get the best 6x60 yet made. Will be counting the days until I claim my sample next month.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    This #61 QUOROM Sun Shade Wrapper Churchill does not hold up to the Natural wrap. It did get better about half way through and by the sticks end tasted very similar to the Natural. Natural or nothing for this stick.

    #62 REPOSADO '96 Connecticut 7.1x58 Salomon is a good mild cigar. Sits side by side with Rocky Patel, Park Avenue, Vegas Gold, Symphony, and all. A good mid grade Connecticut big stick. Always a good price at C.I.
    Reposado '96 Habano was good as well. Have yet to sample the Maduro. It is on the list.

    Just finishing another splendid BRIOSO 6x60. Perdomo Fresco 6.5x52 Torpedo was another excellent Connecticut I smoked today. Liked that fatter size better then the Churchill. Tastes like a generic Champagne. Not nearly as good, but in the same flavor line, only a lot less.

    Tomorrow a take A STEP UP. DIAMOND CROWN Churchill on sale at my local for an inventory dump. 50% off puts the stick just in my range at $7. It will be mine tomorrow bright and early.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    DIAMOND CROWN, 7.5x54 Robusto No.3 retails at $14.40 per single is new stick #63. My local had 4 different boxes of Diamond Crowns, 2 at buy one get one, and two at 50% off, which is what I scored in this Robusto No.3. Fellow told me they have had these in their walk in humidor for about 3 years now and the 4 or 5 singles in each 15 box were reduced to make room for full boxes. In 3 years he has sold 12 Diamond Crown No.3's. Obviously not a hot item.

    I can under stand why. The first two inches were simply a mild spice stick comparable to Argenese Connecticut and another over priced Dog Rocket PLUS called Butera. Not much else at all. The spice did dye down a bit, thank God, and a mild tobacco became noticeable. That's all. Over paid at $7.70 by about $5. I would smoke this cigar again if comes down to $3.

    If this is the "finest cigar J.C. Newman has put out" over the past 20 years I find it hard to understand how he has remained in business. You would think an ancient, over priced, premium such as this would have come down in price over the past two decades. Understand this is a 'good' cigar that meets Rocky Patel, Park Avenue, and 5 Vegas Gold half way. If I had the cash to throw around I would never smoke one again, or maybe let them age in my humidor as hobby fun. The Perdomo's Champagne and CAO Gold blow this stick away. It is not even close. And despite what product details the retailers offer up, this is not one of the "best" cigars to come out of the Dominican Republic. I did enjoy the cigar though, which is all that truly matters. If the price was not so off the mark I probably would not have said a negative word about the cigar. I was FORCED and GOADED into discrediting this stick due to manufacturer and retailer HYPE!

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    GURKHA EVIL TORPEDO is #64. Not so EVIL really. Actually quit smooth and mild. Not a strong maduro taste but still a nice sweet sided smoke. Maybe Medium in strength. Worth a 2nd smoking at the right price. This one was a gift at the cicnic Sunday. Cibar Bid order arrives today. Lots of cigars and a few brand new lines to try.
    Won't be 100% satisfied until I have torched the PERDOMO CHAMPAGNE NOIR 6x60 Beauty that has my mouth watering.

    Stay COOL!! Rich

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Not many 'new' sticks to try this month. Will have to continue my run at my local B&M for a new stick here and there. #65, GENUINE COUNTERFIET DOMINICAN Toro, 6x50, from JR, is a 'good' mild cigar. Offers a good creamy tobacco flavor like a light shade Connecticut wrapper should. The stick is over priced though. It is truly only a $2 cigar.

    Same with #66, BERGER & ARGENTI, Toro, 6x50. A mild spice cigar with a noticable tobacco flavor. Was gifted to me at my Bro's picnic last Sunday. He paid $4.50 at a local store for it, again over priced for just a good, but still just average cigar.

    and #67, TROYA LEGACY NAPOLEON, 8x52, is a bigger Connecticut with an even bigger lack of flavor. While not bitter, and having no bad taste, the cigar lacks even a good natural tobacco flavor every mild Connecticut needs to be considered a 'good' smoke. Letting the other Troya single I won at Cigar Bid age for a while with some other 'FINE' sticks to see if any hint of flavor can be created in the big fellow.

    Still have about 7 new lines to try. My friend Terrence, 'Gravebelly', is also sending me a new sampler later this week that I am certain will include some brand new sticks I have never smoked. Hey, even different sizes offer different results in many cigars. We have been on a 6x60 crusade trying to find the best fatty around. All the 5 Vegas 6x60's have been good along with the La Perla Habana's.

    I am over my 'Connecticut' withdraw that I experienced over the past two weeks. The past 4 days have given me the finest mass market Connecticut sticks too partake of, starting with the over priced DIAMOND CROWN Robusto and a few very good PERDOMO FRESCO Torpedos on Sunday and Monday. My Cigar Bid order arrived Tuesday, and I enjoyed a CAO BLACK 'BENGAL' or Toro, and a GRAYCLIFF G2 Presidente. Wednesday, I got a smoking of the best in a PERDOMO CHAMPAGNE Epicure, and the good PERDOMO SLOW-AGED Churchill, and an excellent MAN O WAR VIRTUE Toro. Today I have partaken of a REPOSADO '96 Connecticut, 7x58 Salomon and a 5 VEGAS GOLD BULLION. Still have a few 'new' Connecticuts to try from Victor Sinclair, Astral, and Palma Real. For some bolder flavor I am looking to KINKY FRIEDMAN'S 5.7x58 Governor, Gurkha Beast, Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Torpedo, TTT Trinidad Belicoso, 6.2x56, and Rocky Patel Double Maduro Torpedo. Also have a host of returning favorites for full flavor pleasure in DIESEL Unlimited 6x60, Padillas Sig 1932 Robusto, Padilla Cazadores 6x60, and Graycliff Crystal Box Pressed. Cannot WAIT!!

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Some interesting ideas/recommendations here... I'm taking notes..

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Quote Originally Posted by Torqued View Post
    Some interesting ideas/recommendations here... I'm taking notes..
    Very good. Would be very interested to hear about any new sticks you have tried as well. Most smokers have tons of lines they have yet to sample.

    This PC at the Library has no spell check. I may show myself as a REAL HALF WIT over the next few weeks until I am back on line at home.

    I will keep it brief.

    #68, ASTRAL CONNECTICUT 6.1x52 Figurado is smokeable only because it offers no bad after taste or bitterness. Lacks any real flavor though.

    #69 BROCATUS 7.5x50 Churchill is the same. Lacks flavor even mid level sticks like 5 Vegas and low priced Perdomo's offer. Can't believe it used to sell for $6 a stick.

    #70, KINKY FRIEDMAN 5.7x60 Governor is a good cigar at the right price. Solid flavor. To bad I only had one. Got this one for $3, great deal.

    #71 ROCKY PATEL DOUBLE MADURO 6.2x52 Torpedo is another good tasting Maduro. Smoked very well for about 45 minutes. This gem was an even better buy at $2.

    #72 PINAR DEL RIO OSCURO 6.5x52 Torpedo. Not as good as the Rocky Patel Double Mad but still a good, sweet maduro smoke. For $2 I will smoke them any time.

    #73 VICTOR SINCLAIR CONNECTICUT 7.5x50 Churchill. Just misses the grade for an decent, good every day Connecticut like Park Avenue, 5 Vegas Gold, or Perdomo Fresco. Lack a bit on the creamy, mild spiced taste the others offer. Smoked this after a week in my humidor. Will let the other two sit a few more weeks to see if anything decent developes.

    Since I can't check my spelling I am exiting before I get really sloppy, and careless, DA, it happens. Still waiting on the first delivery of the GURKHA TASTERS CLUB cigars for sampling. Was chosen about a month ago to sample two GURKHA blend every month or so for A STAMP OF APPROVAL.
    Well, not really, but they are looking for a word or two from average cigar smokers like myself that have been smoking for a while and are always looking for new good cigars. Should be very interesting. This GURKHA BEAST I robbed Cigar Bid of for $4 is about to get torched.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #74, GURKHA BEAST, 6.5x56. One perfectly made cigar. Unlike the BEAUTY'S I smoked, the draw on this cigar was excellent. The flavor was not as bold as I thought or as the name least you to think, but still a very good cigar. At a $4 Cigar Bid steal I would smoke then again for sure.

    Had a 2nd smoking of the AWESOME GRAYCLIFF CRYSTAL LIM EDI Torpedo yesterday. Another perfectly made cigar with some great BOLD flavor. Another $4 miracle from Cigar Bid.

    #75, PERDOMO SLOW-AGED 7.2x52 Churchill is another very good value line cigar. Like the great FRESCO, OBA OBA,or the decent INMENSO, the SLOW-AGED Churchill can hold it's own against most Medium cigars with a nice smooth flavor. Hard to get at times on Cigar Bid. C.I. has a 20 bundle for $52, still a good price.

    #76, PALMA REAL 6x60 PORKY. I smoked a PORKY. Actually I have smoked 5 PORKY'S over the past week. Are they that good. No. Are they bad. No. Do they lack flavor. Yes. Do they offer enough to be a fill-in cigar when I have already smoked my good ones for the day. Yes. Would I smoke more at $1.13 for each 6x60. YES. Even C.I.'s price of 32 for $60 is good. They can be legitimately called a generic version the 5 VEGAS GOLD 6x60 BULLION. The mild spice tones down a bit if you let them sit naked with other sticks and a creamy smoking and powerful draw develop if they sit in lower humidity for a day. Let mine air out with the AC on and humidity reading of around 45. When times get tough, these at least will satisfy my smoking desire with enough decent quality. Perfect if you don't mind Mild, and like to smoke more then you should but don't want to burn a 'premium' cigar.

    I am going on one last "PREMIUM QUALITY" Connecticut binge and smoke my remaining CAO BLACK, MAN O WAR VIRTUE, and sadly my very last PERDOMO CHAMPAGNE. One every 4 hours until I can look to score a few more later this month. My stock is down to 36 5 VEGAS GOLD BULLIONS and 4 5 VEGAS CLASSIC TORPEDO'S.

    Around the 15th or so, my bud and purchasing partner, Gravebelly, will have a healthy lot in route to my place with several highly anticipated cigars to try like the BIG ROCKY PATEL 6x60 SUNGROWN, and a Rocky Patel Connecticut 6X52 Toro, and all lines of LA PERLA HABANA 6x60 PERFECTO. And many other's including some big 8x54 MARK TWAINS that can take over for the PORKY'S I consumed as a more then adequate fill in. Looking forward to tasting the Perfecto sized La Perla's as a new size means new smoking experience!

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #77, Another AWESOME tasting cigar in PADILLA CAZADORES 6x60. Sadly, only had one after sending a few to friends. Great bold flavor and is one of Padilla's finest blends. Getting this smoke at $3 is just hard for me to understand, and that is in no way a complaint. I should look to score more later this month.

    Just smoked my last CAO BLACK BENGAL. Soooo good! Could smoke these daily until I meet my maker.

    One Non-Connecticut premium left until my hold over package arrive next week from Gravebelly. I will hold off as long as possible and name it later. Still have one 'JR' surprise left in their Genuine Counterfeit Dominican Toro. Over priced at their every-day cost but when on sale, like a few weeks weeks back, a great buy.

    Also saw Famous Smoke Shop has ROCKY PATEL 6x60 Connecticut Factory rejects at $60 for the first twenty and $40 for the 2nd twenty. I am hopeful these would be the same as the front line stick aside from the 'rejection standards' whatever they may be. Forty, 6x60 Rocky Patel Connecticut's for $100 sounds great to me. Just got their catalog that displays all their samplers. WOW, talk about FULL PRICE. The only retailer I have yet to see not penalize the buyer when purchasing lots smaller then boxes, to any major degree, is C.I. They seem to bump the price up 50 cents per stick at most. The only other good deal I saw from Famous was the 5x54 PERDOMO RES 10th ANN CHAMPAGNE, CRIOLLO, and MADURO, five for $17.25. That is an excellent deal.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #78, TTT TRINIDAD 6.2x58 Belicoso is a good tasting cigar. Excellent draw with a mild spice addition. Very smooth smoking cigar. Worth every penny of the $3 I stole it for, and more. Would smoke these any time. Lasted a VERY LONG time. Seemed like the 2 inch nub burned for 15 minutes. Very enjoyable.

    Nothing but 5 VEGAS GOLD 6x60 BULLION'S left. That is what happens when you smoke all your BOLDER flavor over the 13 days after you get your delivery. Cannot get the discipline to just torch one PREMIUM a day and then smoke the BULLION'S and other good daily's the remaining time. Expecting more flavor/different flavor in about a week. I will visit my local smoke shop next Monday or Tuesday for sure and grab a couple new stogies.

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    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Victor Sinclair Vintage was a good cigar. Victor Sinclair Primeros fell short of the good mark, not 'bad', just not worth smoking again. Now the 6x60 Triple Corojo is posted on Free Fall at Cigar Bid dropping to just under $35 for 20. Great deal. But would I be getting a stick closer to the Vic Sinclair Vintage or down the ladder again with the Primeros? I don't have an extra $35 this month to find out. I just bid on the V.S. Baker's Dozen, 13--7x50 Churchills. Sells at C.I. for $25 so should close under that. A 1.80 per stick to sampler the Bohemian Bamboo, Connecticut Yankee, 10 Anniversary, and the Triple Corojo could kill all the hopes on Victor Sinclair cigars in one small lot.

    I never got my lazy ass to my local store. But a SURPRISE delivery of ONE SINGLE cigar when my bud Chris stopped by. Recalled years ago, 4 to be near exact, I used to smoke monster 8.5x52 Baccarat King. Well Chris does not smoke, anything, so showing up with #79, the Baccarat 6x50 Toro. He was almost 3 inches of the mark but the gesture was still very much appreciated. My week day cigar smoking routine before getting laid up on Disability in February, 2008 was very basic, toking one big cigar a day, half going to work, and what was left during the ride home. My other "ride to work" sticks I rotated with the Baccarat King were the Montesino 6.7x54 Belicoso and the La Unica 8.5x52 Presidente. This Baccarat Toro started of mildly sweet with a good tobacco flavor, although not close to how I remember. Four years away from a stick is a life time. Sadly, about half way through it became slightly bitter. I never recall smoking a Baccarat I did not enjoy. I am sure if I resumed smoking them regularly the old likeness would return, unless the brand has gone to pot since '08,

    Received good news from my bud Terrence 'Gravebelly' that a healthy lot of sticks is on the way, and should appear tomorrow, Friday at the latest. It contains a decent amount of 'new' sticks to my pallet and is also greatly appreciated. And today I plan to talk my cuz into sending me a 20 lot as well. My bud Joe from CBid forum said he was mailing some this week as well but I got no word from him yet. Should be sitting pretty by the weekend. Have a good day!

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