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New cigar sampling routine/habits

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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Benchmade by Ashton (7 x 50)

    Well I did not know what to expect being the first one of this kind I smoked. I experienced coffee bean and then a light creamy caramel taste. I was impressed for cigar at this price at the B&M I purchased near my dadís. The smoke I had was not harsh and I was very impressed since I expected the worse. I had a enjoyable experience and would smoke again. The burn was great and construction had no issues. I am very happy with the stick and will pick up a few for something different. I give the stick a score of 88-89.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Glad to see someone else is on a smoking binge of 'new' cigar other then myself.

    Used to smoke several Ashton's a week, back near the turn of the century and a few year beyond. Never Smoked a Perdomo Champagne bigger then the 6x54 Epircure. For the 9th time, the 6x60 will be mine some day. Although 7x54 sounds great. Love the 54-56 ring best, if the cigar is not a torpedo type.

    Well my most recent stick differ quit a bit from top shelf Ashton's or Perdomo Champagne.
    For a bold, full flavored cigar, #100 Man O War, 10x48 Double Happiness, this one cut in half to provide two 5x48 flavor rockets. A great flavor that is bold but never over powering in any way, such as loud pepper. An awesome 30 minute smoke that ran a mere $1.20 per 5x48!
    And it offspring, #101 Man O War Ruination, 10x48 Double Happiness, also clipped perfectly into two 5x48's is similar but more tangy, and spicy that is noticeable. It simply does not taste as balanced as the Man O War line. The Ruination settles down a bit half way through as the spice fades. Still good though, and like it's counter part, is a steal at $1.20 per 5x48. The Double Happiness 10x48, TEN cigar sampler is an excellent deal. These cigars are perfect. The 10x48 Diesel I also halved was great. As was the 5 Vegas Series 'A' 10x48 that I also clipped. The 10x48's that I took on whole were the Double Happiness Connecticut, a solid mild with a good tobacco flavor, the Graycliff G2, another good Connecticut, the Graycliff Turbo, almost as good as the Crystal Limited Edition, and the Gurkha Blue Steel and Red Steel were all great smokes.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes canadacigar's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Ya the AB MAXX is a decent cigar. I bought a box of the culture (toro) think they are 6.5x54, nice sized cigar. My first few I didn't really enjoy. very tight draw and almost too mild. So I let them rest a few months and now they are much more flavourful. I think my next one I have I will pull out of the humi and let it sit for a day to dry and see if the draw is easier.
    Any tricks Rich that you do to open up the draw?

    Quote Originally Posted by rah0785 View Post
    Scored some 'extra' stick I had been meaning to try, and now will. Four Augusto Reyes 6x58 Gordo cigars, Epicure, Criollo, Nativo, and Grand Cru. Also won El Mejor Emerald 7x50 Churchills and Padilla 1948 Edicion Limitada 5x50 Robusto. I have one more shot today with about $50 to spend. Maybe Perdomo Champagne 6x60 Super Toro, which has been on my radar for month. Or one box win, or maybe 3 mid level 5 packs?? See what is up for the winning.

    #98, Alec Bradley's MAXX 7x58 Curve is a winner. Perfect cigar in make and draw. I thought the flavor would be bolder by the look of the stick, but like the Montecristo Noche, was smooth and crisp, even mouth watering with good medium taste. For under $6 at C.I. it would be a decent buy. Looking forward to trying the Connecticut I saw at my local. Soon.

    and #99, Leon Jimenez No.1, 7.5x50, is a decent medium cigar as well. First inch is bland with no taste at all. Then a good tobacco flavor kicks in and farther down the stick a mild spice is noticeable. I do not notice many mild-medium Connecticut cigars that actually develop as they are smoked. Most offer one solid take from start to finish. The stick finally added a sweet touch to the last 3 inches. That being said, recall that the cigar starts of with nothing appealing, and shortly their after comes to life with what a decent Connecticut should offer. Strange. Just cut off the first inch and you will have a good smoke from start to finish instead of near start to finish.

    and the last and best of the lot is NUMBER 100, Perdomo Gran Cru Connecticut 6x54 Torpedo, is an excellent Connecticut cigar. Great taste from start to finish. Good, crisp tobacco flavor not drown out by over bearing spice. If this this stick was in my daily price range I would be smoking them often. 4 out of 5 easy.

    Have a good looking Felipe Gregorio Felipe, 6x58 ready to go next. Don't jump the gun. I smoked the above sticks all before midnight yesterday. Have not been on an all night toking binge. later.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Quote Originally Posted by canadacigar View Post
    Ya the AB MAXX is a decent cigar. I bought a box of the culture (toro) think they are 6.5x54, nice sized cigar. My first few I didn't really enjoy. very tight draw and almost too mild. So I let them rest a few months and now they are much more flavourful. I think my next one I have I will pull out of the humi and let it sit for a day to dry and see if the draw is easier.
    Any tricks Rich that you do to open up the draw?

    The MAXX I smoked had been in my buds humidor for almost 2 years. I always wonder if he actually smokes any or just stores them.

    The best tip I got on-line, that I use often with great success, is to put my overly moist or tight rolled cigars in the refrigerator several hours before I smoke one. Take a big dish and put a paper towel on the plate and then just put the stick on the dish in the refrig. Your refrig. should have a humidity reading of 30%, give or take. It is very low. Just be certain not to forget the stick for a day or two. Be sure to cut the end of, and remove the label. Don't want to damage a quick dried wrap if possible. I leave mine in their for about 2-4 hours, never longer. Excellent results. Lots of sticks I get from CBid are to moist to torch,especially if I want to fire one up right out of the wrapper. Just be careful with sticks that have thinner wraps.

    Going to make a quick comment on Victor Sinclair cigars. Some are good, all have been smokeable, and at least decent with some good quality. The Bohemian lines seems to be the best with 4 of 4 being at least good. Already listed the Bamboo, which for a Connecticut mild serves it purpose and is a decent mild smoke.

    What I don't understand is why create 2 different lines of 'average' Corojo wrapped cigars? #102, Bohemian Corojo, 7x50 Churchill is the one Corojo Vic makes that reached a good level of flavor. Has to know this. Why not just use this wrap on the other two? Gets a good or average 3 out of 5.

    #103, Bohemian Oscuro 7x50 Churchill is also a good smoke. Solid taste all the way. Another goood being average 3 out of 5.

    and #104 Bohemian Brazilian, 7x50 Churchill, is the best of the lot. Good flavor as well, unique in a way. 3.5 out of 5.

    I already declared the 'Triple Corojo' line lacks flavor. Same with #105, Series '55' Corojo, 7x50 Churchill. Has to be the 'Triple Corojo' relabeled, or vise-versa. Same meek flavor instilled in both. They do offer a smooth, even juicy smoke, but beyond that not much else. 2.5 out of 5.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Dam these Rocky Patel R4 sticks are good. I am done with Victor Sinclair and the mass market lines. #106-Victor Sinclair's Bohemian Lines, Series '55' lines, and Triple Corojo, Connecticut Yankee, Primeros, and 10th Aniversario.

    The Bohemian Bamboo, Corojo, Oscuro, and Brazilian are all good cigars. Seems like he excels at making average cigars. All got a 3 out of 5 except the Oscuro, which I gave a 3.5. All good, average cigars.

    Series '55' also has some 'good' cigars like the Maduro, also a 3.5. The Sun-Grown, Cameroon, and another Corojo all get 3 of 5. Except for the Maduro, all are very similar. A sweet, mild-medium smoke that just lacks premium flavor.

    I smoked a Primiros about two years ago. Only gave it a 2. Smoked one yesterday, and gave it a 3. Their claim of 'upgrading' and 'improving' must be true to a degree. The Triple Corojo got a 2.5. It lacked flavor big time. Still a smooth, sweet smoke though. The Vintage and Connecticut Yankee got 3.5 each. Both GOOD cigars.

    I don't think anyone will take Victor Sinclair serious until he stops mass producing one average line after another. He needs to produce a "Padilla Signature 1932 or Padilla Miami. Or a Rocky Patel Sun Grown or Vintage 1992 or a Gurkha Legend or Oliva Serie V or Master Blends III. A cigar with bold flavor that cigar smokers set apart from every day, good but average dailys.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Hey, Like the Supervisor at Cigar Bid told me, "If I want better quality and customer service I should simply order from C.I., that is why they charge more." Didn't want to tell the narcissist who threatened to close my account, that CBid charge a $1 for everything. The bidders set the prices. I guess every retailer is allowed to suck now and then. Until this order they have been excellent actually.
    But to send me a Chateau Real Gran Templar by Alec Bradley, a stick I have wanted to try since I was in diapers, with a split down the side two inches long, and a 4 times cracked Connecticut wrapper is SAD. That is the only stick I was eager to smoke that is a piece of crap. Over all 6 out of 95 single were way off the mark, 2 being tattered or cracked, 2 looked box pressed when are regular churchill, and two 5 Vegas Miami M5's that were supposed to be the 4.5x60 Miami Knuckles. Singles bidding at Cigar Bid will be abandoned at this point.

    Just to offer a positive note, # 107, DON ELIAS 7.5x50 Churchill is SMOKEABLE. Actually reminded a LOT of the Victor Sinclairs, most of them really. Out of the wrapper it had no bitterness or bad after taste with an excellent draw and burn. It offered a sweet smoke with a lack of flavor, not completely void, but just enough to say, "Did Vic Sinclair master blend this stick. That is were the similarity's end. While Sinclair sticks can run you between $3 to $5, Don Elias Churchills can be gotten at C.I., 50 for $65. If you like to smoke a lot, and enjoy one good stick day as I do, and fill your remaining smoking desire with smokeable, economically priced sticks, Don Elias is worth a try. Will let the others rest naked for a few weeks. If they don't improve some I'll NEVER SMOKE ONE AGAIN!! Up next, and I quot, "The working man's Excalibur" and "Ashton comparable" (Hey, that's C.I., not me) is the big JOHN BULL Prime Minister. If the cigar smokes as nice as the beautiful box it comes in, we will have a success.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Put the scrap Cigar Bid sent me, I have more then enough quality sticks to toke on for weeks. I am about 4 inches through a gem of a cigar.....
    #108, GURKHA BEAUTY, 6.5x56. Rock hard but fresh as new spring grass, this stick makes for one excellent smoking. Everything about it screams perfection. The taste is as good as mild gets with a few historically great Connecticut's put aside. Probably would not have torched one 8 hours after delivery. 3.5 hours in the refrig has given me a powerful, creamy smoke draw. The Beauty gets a solid 4.5 out of 5. A '5' for over all smoking enjoyment.

    I have a few other top notch Connecticut's to sample this month. The Chateau Real that is currently be nursed back to health, Angelenos 2010 Connecticut Grand Toro, Occidental Reserve Churchill, and a new excellent looking Torpedo by Sopranos chubby boy Joe Gannascoli called Cugine by Arganese.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Talk about some awesome Connecticut wrap cigars. Go from the perfect Gurkha Beauty to #109, ANGELENOS Limited 2010, 6.5x54 Gran Toro. Another unigue flavor that is at least medium. Cigar smoked perfectly. Scored this one for $7 after nearly 3 months of being out bid at $8 and even $9. I can see why. If I was going to purchase any more singles from Cigar Bid this cigar would be near the top of my list.

    The second cigar I have is not an Excalibur or Ashton but may pass as an alternative is #110, JOHN BULL 7.2x54 Prime Minister. While boxed like a high priced premium, it falls short when compared to one. A box of 30 selld for $112.95 at A.B.C. North- The Cigar Store. C.I. offers them at a much better price. Beyond that unfair comparison I made abobe, John Bull would make a good daily filler cigar for anyone liking Connecticutl wrapped cigars. No bitterness, and even got better the 2nd half. Most likely will start including this stick into my daily routine as a filler cigar. Would be nice to even see a slite improvment after sitting a few weeks.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #111, CUGINE by Agranses 6.7x50 Torpedo. A very good Connecticut cigar. Made and smoked like a top shelf premium. Good tobacco down to the last inch and a half. A success for Agranese. Now all they have to do is have the cigar sold by one of the major on line retailers. For the right price I would smoke this gem daily.

    So many fine looking cigars. Need to take a short break from new Connecticut's. Think I will torch a sumatra salomon by A.Fernandez. As usual I am on a pace to go through all my new sticks inside a week. Oh well, If I can enjoy it now why wait?

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Drew Estates makes some good cigars. I have only smoked four different lines, and now five. #112, CHATEAU REAL Gran Templar, 6x52, is another fine Connecticut I would love to enjoy daily. Even smoking this piece of garbage I got from Cigar Bid, that had cracks in a half dozen spots around the flaking wrapper, with a 2 inch gorge split down the side, the cigar tasted great. Smoking ugly sticks that should be perfect, but taste great is fine with me. Fine naturally sweet tobacco taste with just enough spice blended perfectly. None of the extremely negative cosmetic details hindered my enjoyment of this cigar. Smoked the sweet thing down below the 2 inch mark.

    Also smoked a over sized stick that turned out pretty good.
    # 113, PIRATE'S GOLD BIG BOY Piramide, 7.2x62. Now the 62 ring is only at the end you torch. The cigar rolls back perfectly to a slightly open ended 42 or so draw ring. I actually cut some of the end to increase my draw to about 50 or so, Cigar started snow and bland. Nothing really good or bad, just smoke. But after the first 2 inch or so it started producing a nice creamy smoke with a decent tobacco taste. Once again the C.I. details are right on by saying "once woken, these cigars produce", and they do. More then enough to justify a $2 or even loss price tag. I hope to have some around from now on as decent filler stick. I may come down a bit in ring size and look to what should be a perfect 6.5x56 or 6x52 smoke.

    Last and least, but still surprisingly decent is #114, FLOR DEL TODO #4, 5.5x45, with a tangy dark brown flavor that makes the $1 price a steal. Another great filler cigar I can smoke in between my finer cigars. For a quick medium flavor offering this size is perfect. I want to try the 6x53 or 7x53 Toro or Churchill, and in Maduro as well. Should have been buying these babies months ago. The pic at Cigar Bid is just so dam ugly. The look a lot better stick in hand.

    Everyone know that if your cigar starts to get bitter at any point you should simply blow out long and hard enough until you see the burn ring hit the outside wrapper.
    Judge the pressure you use so not to bust out your cigars sides. Any harsh or bitter taste that developed with be MAGICALLY gone. Read that all you are doing is adjusting the tobacco's tar amount that has built up at some point in the stick from your one way draw. Works great when nubing a cigar, giving you a clean solid toke after each time.

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #115, OCCIDENTAL RESERVE 7x48 Churchill, a.k.a. Accidental Reserve. Why you ask? Because no one would make a cigar this bad on purpose. It had to be an accident. Kidding of course. Although we have no top shelf premium here as far as taste when compared to other cigar of it's kind. It is a fine looking cigar and burned with perfection. Something, and I cannot even express the point, like an underlying taste or flavor or spice was throwing the cigar off just a noticeable bit. It touched the edge of a good, solid tobacco flavor but fell just short. I did still enjoy the stick though. 3 out of 5 is still just your good, average cigar. Cheapest place I saw these was Best Cigar Prices, 20 for $50. Not bad, but their are better Connecticut options at better prices.

    #116, A.FERNANDEZ SUMATRA Salomon, 7x58. Fernie has a winner her. Though the product write up seems to be a few miles off the mark. The Sumatra wrap provides a smooth and full flavored, deep brown flavor. No coffee, and thank God no major spice taste that often seems to pollute these big, fat Figurado shaped cigars. I liked this one very much, and 4 out of 5 is very good.

    #117, HESITANT PIRATE 7x50 Churchill. This stick screams DOG ROCKET CITY in every way. Looks like Sh^t. Smells like crap. And sells at $0.99 per stick. BUT, stop the bashing. It is smokeable. meaning it is a 'Dog Rocket PLUS'. No bitterness or bad aftertaste. Only a mild, but creamy smoke. The cigar is constructed as bad as they come. May be 2, possibly 2 1/2 small tobacco leaves, puffed up some how, under an excellent burning Maduro wrapper. So with hardly enough filler, and hardly any flavor, the good points still outweigh the negative points. I'll give it a 2, 1 point for no bitterness to the point of being smooth smoke, and 1 point for no bad after taste at any point. Still don't want to smoke one unless 100% necessary.

    #118, INDIAN TABAC CLASSIC 7.5x52 Chief. Cigar starts of to spicy. But a good two inches it starts to resemble a Rocky Patel R4 Corojo. It does offer a good flavor though that found very enjoyable. Not nearly as good as the Classic Maduro, which is a very good cigar, but 3.5 out of 5 is on the upside of good or a notch above average. The price makes it a very good smoke.

    Thank God I am running low on new sticks to smoke. I need some sleep!!!

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #119, OCCIDENTAL HAVANA SUN-GROWN 7x48 Churchill, is better then the Reserve. Jut the right amount mixed with a good tobacco flavor. The only place I could find these for sale, other then an occasional singles auction at Cigar Bid,,was The Cigar Hut, at about $4.10 oer stick. Mine only ran me $2, which makes it all the more enjoyable. Medium and naturally sweet. 3.5 out of 5 is a solid GOOD!

    Oliveros Eight-Zero is one I have eyed for a long time but never paid any attention.

    That pattern ENDS TODAY!!!

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    Ever notice when you get a new catalogue from whatever company, and it looks excellent, while you are giving it a first reading you have it in your mind you should be buying from them and plan to do so, until you visit the current retailer you are working with and the catalog is forgotten? Or am I the only one?

    I know someone else has smoked #120, OLIVEROS EIGHT-ZERO 6.7x52 Torpedo, and probably also agree it is a good cigar. Nice medium flavor from a perfectly made cigar. Actually the first Oliveros I have smoked that I LIKE enough to want to smoke again. AT $2 a stick I think it will happen!!

    Just one or two more until a smaller follow-up order to my biggie arrives next week. 80 cigar total for $195.00 or $2.43 per stick. Would be a LOT lower/better if it not for the $66.20 I shelled out for 20, 6.5x56 GURKHA BEAUTY'S. For these excellent cigars I don't mind pushing the $2.50per mark for once. Other AWESOME buys I got were a 5 pack of 5 Vegas Series 'A' 6x58 for $11, a 5 pack of Centenario Classic Liga 'B' 6x55 for $9, a 5 pack of Graycliff G2 Torpedo's 6.2x52 for $11, 5 pack of El Mejor Emerald Churchills 7x50 for $7, 5 pack of Padilla 1948 Edicion Limitada 5x50 for $11, and about 25 other decent filler sticks, and a few late won single like Gurkha Park Avenue Maduro Torpedo, Padilla Obsidian Belisoso and Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Toro for $2 each. Some enjoyable smoking will results

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    #121, LA DIFFERENCIA CUBANA PRESIDENTE, 8x50, is produced by AVO and DAVIDOFF's guy Hendrik Kelner. I just read in the Cigar Bid forum Davidoff's, for the most part, are over priced hype sticks that can suck. If Cigar Bids claim that La Differencia is "A WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE TO AVO" is remotely true, AVO's then must suck, at least for the price. La Differencia is not a horrible cigar. Creamy smoking cigar with almost no taste of any kind except a very mild spice. Reminded me of Maxim's, Pierre Cardin's stick. Cigar Bid says you would be impressed by Maxim's?? WHAT! HELLO!! Let's not get to far out of hand with these Dog Rocket PLUS sticks. Probably will never smoke an AVO as they are a constant over bid stick at Cigar Bid. And their are 100 plus cheap cigars that are not bitter or have no bad after taste, or any real good taste at all, I can choose from other then La Differencia. Hopefully I will never be forced to choose any. 2.5 out of 5 is just 'fair' and below average.

    San Miguel at least looks like it will be better. Hope so!

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    Leading Puffer Fish rah0785's Avatar


    Re: New cigar sampling routine/habits

    I knew #121, SAN MIGUEL Toro, 6x50, would come through. Would be a sin to make such a perfect looking cigar and not offer up some decent smoking quality. Read the C.I.-Cigar Bid product notes. They are fairly accurate on this one. Beyond the extra perfect construction the cigar made me think of mild gingerbread. Don't have a GB cookie to compare, but you get the idea. The 20 for $108 is not outrageous. The $3 I got mine for may be. A 6x55 Oliveros XL is one of the last until next Wednesday. Hate these one day holiday delays when it comes to shipping. But everyone deserves their days off, especially humpin' delivery men, out and about making their run in 90 degree, or 9 degree weather.

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