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Lovo Magnum Twist

This is a discussion on Lovo Magnum Twist within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; My second day here in Las Vegas, I held out on visiting any generic cigar kiosk and cigarette/cigar/etc. store in ...

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    Young Puffer Fish Sonikku's Avatar


    Lovo Magnum Twist

    My second day here in Las Vegas, I held out on visiting any generic cigar kiosk and cigarette/cigar/etc. store in hopes of finding a random, true cigar shop. I am glad I did, as my first discovery was a home run!

    I found Lovo cigar's at 510 Freemont st, between a hookah-place and Insert Coins. You can't miss the giant Cigar Factory Now open to the Public sign and the orange building, which helps as the storefront is quite small.

    The store is pretty unassuming and minimal inside; there's a few comfy chairs in the front for lounging, with some photos of famous visitors hanging on the walls and inside the humidor, including a large photo of Silvester Stalone apparently smoking one of their sticks. Cool.

    The humidor's variety is fairly limited, the gent pointed out one side was all Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars, and the other side was flavored cigars. I made most of my selections from the Dominincan wall but picked up a random flavored stick; always up for anything, right?

    What really caught my eye were the dual-wrapper cigars called Twisters here. I immediately picked out my first smoke; a ginormous barbershop poll of a stoagie in dark & tan wrappers; the Magnum Twist. Sizing in at 7x62 and 3/4", this thing couldn't be ignored. I also picked up a tri-flame lighter for $5 which he filled at purchase, since I could not bring any of my lighters on the plane. Can't beat that price. I lit the cigar using the lighter, so I'm curious to see how it differs from a match-light which I usually prefer.

    So on to my humble, noob impressions.

    This is one all-around smooth cigar. The draw is clean and just right. The taste is mild and very well balanced with no one particular overpowering taste. I tasted chocolate and milky-cream with a nice combination of tobacco, minus any harshness or woodyness usually present with a tobacco taste. There's no bitter, spicy or peppery notes at all. It remained enjoyably consistent from first light to the end. The aroma was equally smooth and creamy, with some other scents that I couldn't recognize, but nevertheless kept me entertained in discovering. This happily isn't a one-trick stick! The smoke and aroma were fairly thick and enjoyably lingered for a several moments.

    After spending some time with friends at Insert Coins next door, I went back and bought 5 more, and the gentleman there gave me a 6th for free. Awesome! Very happy to have found a find like this, I've never heard of Lovo and they seem to be a very small boutique brand from what I am finding in searching on them, and I highly recommend giving them a try, especially this Magnum Twist. I definitely see a box or two of these being ordered later in the year while the batch I have now ages a while...if they actually make it back home.

    I'll try to update this post with a photo once I get that ability. Feedback on my description is also appreciated, I do like keeping them short & sweet.

    lovocigars dot com
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes CigarKidUSAF's Avatar


    Re: Lovo Magnum Twist

    Sounds like an awesome find and a very tasty smoke

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish dahu's Avatar


    Re: Lovo Magnum Twist

    cool looking cigar! thanks for the review!

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    Newbie in the ocean tonyarizona's Avatar


    Re: Lovo Magnum Twist

    I just recently found a Lovo Store located in Youngtown, Arizona. It was by accident really. I was headed home for the day and needed a cigar for the 55minute drive home. I searched for cigars on my phone and Lovo's was two miles from where I was at. So off I went. The Store was pretty small in a rundown strip mall. Maybe eight chairs and a couch. I was greeted by a gentleman by the name of "Pink." He escorted me into the humidor and I began to look for one of my brands. That's when I realized that Lovo was the brand and all they sell. A bit discouraged, I almost left, but figured, why not. So, I told Pink what I was looking for and he gave me the twister. He also recommended that I try the Churchill and gave me this cognac cigar for free. WOW. These were great. I loved that twister and couldn't get it out of my head. I went back almost a month later. Believe it or not, Pink remembered who I was and what I bought. I got two more of those twisters and four more cigars. Even the one that all the celebrities are smoking in the pictures that decorate the store. The red one. That one Is incredible. I can see why a certain WWE wrestler buys them two bundles at a time. I'm stocking up on those next time i drive buy

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    Young Puffer Fish Sonikku's Avatar


    Re: Lovo Magnum Twist

    Wow, nice! Glad you enjoyed it! To this day, I've found this particular cigar to be one of the better examples where this combination of wrappers really shines through in the taste. I've had a few small-name brand cigars that were pretty dull with the dual wrapper. Sol Cubano makes an Artisan cigar with a dual wrapper that's pretty comparable. Lovo has been an excellent random find.

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