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Jose Marti Cuba Libra review

This is a discussion on Jose Marti Cuba Libra review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; The weather is in the upper 80's and the rh is hovering at 75 with a nice breeze as I ...

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    Jose Marti Cuba Libra review

    The weather is in the upper 80's and the rh is hovering at 75 with a nice breeze as I smoke this in my man gazebo/tent.

    This cigar about 5.5" long and a skosh smaller rg than the robusto size I usually smoke. The cello was a light shade of yellow and this stick sat in my maidador at rh 63 for a couple of days. Smelled kind of like a double canopied forest after a few days of rain. Had a couple of veins but was wrapped well and had a dark but not maduro shade that looked very tasty. The stick was firm but not hard. Sorry don't know more as it was gifted to me I used what has become my favorite home cutter, the Fidello and the draw was just shy of being firm.

    After a toast and light, this cigar produced a decent amount of smoke. I didn't get the creamy smoke but a dry mouth smoke that had me wanting to sip something cool. The taste was kind of woody with a dry hay taste to me. This stick would be what I would call a mild medium strenght The burn was mostly even but did scallop some and no relights were needed. The ash would only stay on for about an inch.

    At the second third, there was still an abundant amount of dry smoke but the flavor had me wanting to sip some rum on the rocks. I chose the Pyrat since it is probably what would be called a dry sipping rum. Now the taste of cedar could be distinguished along with some spice and the strength seemed to up itself to a full blown medium with a little tingle on the toungue.

    On the final third, this thing ramped up to a medium to full strength stick. The draw remained the same throughout the smoke and never became harsh but the tingle on the toungue increased and I could no longer retro-hale without a cringe. Never a burn issue and the enjoyment lasted just at one hour. I didn't nub this stick. Unlike some other cigars I used the Fidello on, the cap remained intack very well all the way to the end

    Overall, I enjoyed this cigar. Since I know nothing about this cigar, I would probably buy some more as long as the price point was under 5 bucks as a single or less as a box/bundle.

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    Double Trouble ejgarnut's Avatar


    Re: Jose Marti Cuba Libra review

    thanks for the review & pics Bruce.

    JR seems to push these in their catalog occasionally, enough that it had me curious about them.
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    Re: Jose Marti Cuba Libra review

    Nice Review! This looks and sounds like the "Magnum" size from Jose Martin. I bought a box about 3 years or more ago from Costco of all places I think it was some kind of Christmas promo as I've never seen any cigars there again.

    A good smoke.


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