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Room 101 "323" by Camacho - Review

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    Room 101 "323" by Camacho - Review

    Brand: Room 101 ď323Ē by Camacho

    MSRP: About $8.00 per single

    Size: 6 x 50 Toro

    DTG: 080210CNOV11

    Weather: 55F

    Cut Choice: Xikar Punch

    Lighter Choice: Ronson

    Drink Choice: Water

    Music Choice: None

    Pre-Light thoughts: This cigar looks very nice. A dark brown semilla wrapper with minimal veins and is silky smooth to the touch. Very intricate bands adorn this cigar and the initial scents from the cigar are that of cedar and earth. The pre-light draw is almost all cedar but smooth.

    The Light: (+.75) Again, its another cool night over here so a little extra time toasting and getting my hands warmed up is an added bonus. Call it being patient, but when it was 130 degrees over here I didnít spend nearly as much time toasting the foot! After a few moments I go ahead and take the first couple of puffs to get it lit and the cedar is still very apparent.

    First third: (+.5) The cedar notes are accented well by the cool and slow burning tobacco. To this point, not much else is going on but cedar. The flavor and aroma are both very satisfying to me as well some passer-bys.

    Second third: (+.75) The cedar continues to deliver as a primary note, but there are also some subtle notes of spice starting to show up. Right about the half way point the draw became very tight. I got out my pipe tool (which is also used as a nubber and draw tool) and inserted it through the hole I had punched out of the cap and loosened things up nicely. The draw improved dramatically for the next 15 minutes, but I found myself ramming it again before the end of the second third.

    Final third: (+.5) Cedar continues to be the main note, but I started to detect a cinnamon flavor that stayed on my tongue for a while. A couple more trips into the cigar with the pipe tool kept the draw open. Iím not really a fan of cinnamon, so I really didnít care for the final third and by this point Iíve grown tired of the draw problems.

    Draw/Burn: (+.25) The draw problems I had were already noted. As for the burn, it did get a little wonky in the first half of the cigar but from the time I started remaining it with the pipe tool, the burn line stayed much closer to even. Had an issue with the wrapper just cracking off while it was being smoked. I can just think of the temperature and humidity shock this cigar was going through. Out of its nice home in the 65F/65rh humi to outside to 55F and 10%rh to be light ablaze and rapidly heating up. (See first and second pictures) Not terrible, but it definitely gives me something to look out for in future samplings of this blend.

    Overall: (2.75/5) I thought this was a good cigar, just not really in my flavor profile. The best parts of this cigar were its beautiful appearance and slow cool burning. I didnít care for the flavors all that much, but wouldnít discourage somebody that enjoys these notes from making a purchase. I think this cigar could really shine with an appropriate pairing. I think a nice chocolate stout would really play well with the cedar and cinnamon and possibly make me rethink this cigar. For those reasons, I am going to hold onto the other one I have until I can play with the pairing.
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    Re: Room 101 "323" by Camacho - Review

    Thx for the insightful, honest review. Good pics.
    My palate has changed over the past couple of years. I used to really like cedar taste in a cigar. Then, recently it started to bother me. Maybe I just had too much of it.
    Sorta like oak flavor in wines. I used to like it, now I avoid it like Madonna's herpetic mouth sores.
    Nowadays if a cigar arrives in a cedar sleeve, the first thing I do is remove it b4 laying it down to rest in my humi.
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    Re: Room 101 "323" by Camacho - Review

    Good informative review

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