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Rocky Patel Cargo Review

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    Rocky Patel Cargo Review

    Well, this will be my first cigar review…EVER! I have been smoking cigars and loving it for about 2 years now. I don’t have the most developed palate, and I am not always able to pick out the difference between black pepper and white pepper, or an African vs. European swallow, but I know what I like. I’m a pretty “frugal” (polite speak for cheap) guy so I am always on the lookout for a low priced but highly enjoyable cigar. I have been quite successful at times, finding cigars that I really enjoy for couch change. Other times I have found myself wishing I had been chewing a 9 volt battery with some steel wool instead of smoking the latest offering from whoever happens to be whoring out $20 bundles.
    Anyway, enough babbling and on to the cigar. Since I like budget priced cigars, my first review is on the Rocky Patel Cargo super toro. This thing is quite large at 6 inches by a 58 RG. I am extremely surprised at how little this fat cigar weighs.

    Famous-smoke.com advertises the cargo as:

    “Cargo By Rocky Patel cigars are just the ticket if you want a high-quality, full-flavored cigar for under $5. Produced at Rocky Patel's Nicaraguan factory, Cargo uses a medium bodied, Nicaraguan longfiller blend spiked with robust short-filler scraps from Rocky's 1961 & 15th Anniversary cigars. A double binder is used to ensure an evenly-packed bunch, then they're rolled in Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. The smoke is creamy, well balanced, and earthy with a notes of sweet wood and espresso.”

    I have only met a small number of Rocky Patel cigars that I didn’t care for, and none that I hated. This would be my first experience with the Cargo so here goes.

    This cigar is very large, but weighs very little. It is a mixed filler cigar, so I’m not expecting much for weight. The aroma of the wrapper and foot is pretty nice but nothing really discernable to me (it smells like a cigar, hopefully it tastes like one as well). This cigar is also very spongy and has almost no firmness to it at all. I haven’t had too many mixed filler smokes, but this seems common.

    I tried my V-cut cutter on it, and while this cutter is a little dull, I have never had it obliterate the end of the cigar like this. The end just kind of mushed to one side. I can tell this cigar is very cheaply put together. I didn’t expect much, but with the price range of this cigar, I did expect more. This is a $4+ stick on famous, or about $2-2.50 on cbid or CI.

    With the slightly open end on the cigar, the draw is almost non-existent. It simply feels like I am inhaling. Not much flavor on the pre-light draw except for some spiciness on the lips and a generic “sweet tobacco” flavor.

    I will be enjoying this cigar with a nice frothy tap water in one of my favorite nerd glasses.

    This stick lights up very easily with a slight spicy kick at the start, but still very little resistance on the pull.

    The first third seemed to burn pretty quickly which is par for the course on a mixed filler Cuban sandwich cigar. The ridiculously easy pull makes it a bit difficult for me to discern any flavors. The flavors do come through with a little harshness, though I am working on a bit of a sore throat which doesn’t help any. I am primarily picking up on a very light hint of spice and something else that I wasn’t able to put my finger on, but I can go with the description and call it “sweet wood.” That sounds acceptable. The flavors overall are pleasing when I can tell they are there, but slightly harsh.

    As I start to move into the latter portion of the first third the harshness seems to be dissipating, and a bit of creaminess is coming through. It may be pointless to divide a mixed filler cigar into thirds, but it keeps me organized. Not much change in flavor, just kind of mild with a decent flavor. Nothing to rave about.

    Moving in to the final third, the flavor hasn’t changed, and is still mildly pleasant with a nice aroma. Creamy with a touch of…what did they call it? “sweet wood”

    One strange thing I notice with this cigar is that as I inhale, the taste is kind of ashy but it goes away quickly and becomes more mild and creamy. I’m not sure if this is the cigar itself or perhaps due to the fact that I may be working on a mild cold/sore throat.

    In conclusion, the Rocky Patel Cargo seems like an ok knock around smoke, but it seems to be extremely pricy for what it is. I could see smoking this somewhat regularly if the draw had a little more resistance and the price came down A LOT. The burn was pretty decent the whole time, though I smoked this cigar slowly and it still only took an hour. Again, par for the course with a mixed filler cigar. I can’t see myself stocking up on these, but I am a firm believer in “Don’t knock it til you try it.”

    I tried to keep this from being too long, but it seems I have failed. Either way, there are a LOT of better cigars out there for the cash. If you want a good quality low price cigar from Patel, I would stick with the Indian Tabac line. I am quite fond of the super fuerte and the limited reserve. Thanks for reading!


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    Re: Rocky Patel Cargo Review

    From the looks of it, Spock Prime does not approve....Smoke long and prosper!


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