Few things before I get started
- My first review!
-I'm very new to cigars
-Also very new to this forum, unfortunately that means no pics until I hit 30 posts, maybe I'll come back and edit the post.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I am reviewing a Flor De Gonzalez Green Label Robusto. I got it for free with a coupon from famous smokes with my first order. With that said, I guess you get what you pay for definitely rings true especially with this stick.

Prelight: Again, I'm very new to cigars so I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm looking for as far as construction goes. I didn't notice any holes in the wrapper so thats a plus...no large veins either which from what I understand promote an uneven burn line. Um, to be honest this cigar smells awful. At first you get that nice tobacco scent, but...on the tail end of that scent...Horse shit. That is the best way for me to describe the smell I'm getting from this thing. Now that the bar has been set so high its time to light it up.

First 1/3:
The only flavor I can really say I get...is wet grass. Things aren't looking too good for this stick. I'm not a fan of whats going on flavor wise. In addition the draw is incredibly tight. Again, I'm new to cigars but nothing I've smoked so far has had such a tight draw. Maybe I cut it poorly, trying to give the stick the benefit of the doubt but the draw was extremely tight and I actually had it start to unravel a bit. Fixed that up just fine, but the draw remained tight with an awful taste.

Second 1/3: Extremely tight draw is still making this an unpleasant experience. On the plus side, I'm getting some nutty hints now, with a sour lemon grass type aftertaste. I guess you could say the flavor is improving, though if you start at the bottom there's no where to go but up.

Final 1/3: The Sourness is completely gone, in it's place I taste butter. Kind of like if you fry an egg with too much butter. I'm not a fan of this flavor, but I'll take the buttery nut flavor over wet grass. The stick did improve from the first portion, but with the draw being incredibly tight and me not enjoying the flavor I decided to let it go out before it was finished.

Ending Thoughts: I think I may have just smoked my first dog rocket. A wise man once told me every cloud has a silver lining, and I guess I could say after sucking on this stick for just over an hour I have a new appreciation for the women in my life. I'll let the other 2 sit in my humidor for a while, maybe a year down the line it'll be worth smoking. I keep a log of my cigar tastings and gave this stick a 2/10 in my notebook. The things I'm looking at in my cigars are flavor, draw and aroma. The draw was awful throughout the whole stick. The aroma wasn't impressive by any means, the smoke was actually quite sour throughout the whole thing even in the final 1/3. The flavor got slightly better but just really wasn't my cup of tea.