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Gurkha Legend Toro Review

This is a discussion on Gurkha Legend Toro Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Cigar: Gurkha Legend Toro ( 6" x 50 ) I was bombed this cigar by ouirknotamuzd a day less than ...

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    Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    Gurkha Legend Toro ( 6" x 50 )
    I was bombed this cigar by ouirknotamuzd a day less than two weeks ago. Thank you Pete. I always enjoy trying something new. Since that time it had sat in my cooler at 62% RH out of the cellophane. Looking around the web puts these about $5-$6 a piece but I have seen them go cheaper on the bid sites.

    Initial Impression and Light:
    The wrapper on this cigar was a beautiful dark brown maduro with relatively even coloring and a few small to medium veins running throughout. The feel of the cigar was a little soft and spongy but not like an over-humidified cigar, more like a cigar lacking a little internally. The smell was a pretty light barnyard smell. The cap of the cigar seemed a little more rounded off than normal. I clipped the cap and the pre-light draw was pretty loose and gave a slightly sweet, even more slightly bitter taste. I tried to light the cigar with my soft flame lighter which ended running out of fuel, so I switched to my triple flame torch.

    The Smoke:
    Right off the bat, the cigar started with a nice mix of earth and leather in a very light, airy smoke. After a few more puffs I started to detect some nice dry baking cocoa. At this point the burn was starting to canoe and that was just the start of the problems. The ash would hold on at most for half an inch and just fall unexpectedly. The loose draw became a very loose draw, almost to the point that there was no resistance at all. I tried to correct the burn but it would just start canoeing again. Somewhere around the halfway point, the draw started to firm up. I got a couple good puffs and then the cigar just went out. That was it for me. I wasn't going to try and relight.

    Final Thoughts:
    Meh. The flavors in the beginning were great and appealing, but the construction just ruined it. My opinion is that it was the construction and not a humidity issue. I could be wrong but a two week rest out of the cello should have had the cigar pretty well acclimated.

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    Re: Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    Thanks for the review Brent. My previous thread on Gurkha opinions seems to fit right in with this. I have to admit that it's a damned good looking cigar and I'm a sucker for a really good maduro.

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    Re: Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    How you describe the feel of the cigar makes me think it's a construction issue. It's nice to see a review for a Gurkha. The name seems to come up a lot on this site but it never seems to be in a positive way. Thanks for taking the time to share your impressions.

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    Re: Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    Previously I had a Gurkha Park Avenue that I enjoyed so I'm not going to rule them out. I have a few more on hand, including some from the Empire series, that I'll be sure to try out and give an opinion on. I've heard mostly positives on the Empire series, so I'm looking forward to that. Another Gurkha that I don't have but have heard good things about is the Cellar Reserve.

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    Re: Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    Another great review, Brent. Next week I'm going to put up a Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Nub review. I moved one to the Cigar-Jar. I'm going to be strapped for time this weekend, so I'll have to pass it over to the next one.

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    Re: Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    Nice review, Brent. I have one of these from Pete as well, I'll have to light it up and review it myself for comparison!
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    Re: Gurkha Legend Toro Review

    I received a 5er as a throw in on a LP#9 box purchase just last week. In deep freeze right now, but will give one a shot at the golf course in a few weeks and let you guys know what I think. I've probably had a dozen Gurkha's in the humi over the past year and haven't smoked one yet. The hyped marketing coupled with a lot of negativity just makes me pick something else in stead. However, I really need to give one a try and have my own opinion eventually. But trust me, I will have a back up ready to go in case it goes south on me. LIfe is too short and my cigar time even shorter for me to kill an hour and a half on something I don't like. However, if I honestly do like it, you all will hear about it and I will shout it from the mountain tops! lol


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