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Liga Privada T52 Toro Review

This is a discussion on Liga Privada T52 Toro Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Cigar: Liga Privada T52 Toro ( 6" x 52 ) I was gifted this cigar about a month ago by ...

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    Liga Privada T52 Toro Review

    Liga Privada T52 Toro ( 6" x 52 )
    I was gifted this cigar about a month ago by Justbrew77 in a very generous MAW. Thanks Justin. Since then it has sat in my cooler at about 62% RH. Looking online puts this cigar in the $10-$12 range.

    Initial Impression and Light:
    The wrapper on this cigar was a beautiful dark brown with a slight reddish tinge in the sunlight. The wrapper had a nice oily sheen and a small amount of toothiness. There were a few medium veins running throughout. The coloring was mostly even with the exception of a couple spots, one being much darker and another being slightly lighter. The feel of the cigar was mostly firm, but not hard and there seemed to be a few slightly softer spots upon squeezing it. The smell was a moderate hay smell. Upon clipping the cap, the draw was tight, so I clipped it again and it was still tight. The pre-light draw was pretty neutral at first but a second draw gave a little spiciness. I toasted the foot with my soft flame lighter then lit it and got started.

    The Smoke:
    To start, the smoke was a nice medium flavored earthiness with a little bit of spiciness in the finish. As the cigar settled down, the strength of the flavors seemed to drop off a little, not much, just noticable. There was some cedar in the retrohale. The burn started off nice, but about an inch in, I started to burn issues. I was having the cigar want to go out if I left it more than a minute and I would have to do a double puff to get it to burn right.

    After the first third the flavors continued on the same track and I started noticing the nicotine. Around the half way point the ash had fallen and I touched up the burn. After this point, I noticed the flavors pick up tremendously to become full flavored. There was the earth and coffee that transitioned into a heavy cedar all with an underlying spiciness. At this point the burn seemed to be going slightly better but it still wanted to go out if left unattended for more than a minute.

    I continued down to the start of the final third where the flavors had continued to be the same, very full flavored and full strength. At that point everything was a little too much for me. The ash seemed to fall just about every inch and the total burn time was about an hour forty minutes with an inch and a half to two inches left.

    Final Thoughts:
    I was slightly disappointed in this cigar. Not that it wasn't a good cigar, because it was, but because of the tight draw, burn issues, and the price. Mine could have been an isolated incident as this is just a one off review. Another thing about the cigar is that the cedar was a little too overpowering for me. If I were to get another T52, it would probably be a robusto. For me, the No. 9 was preferrable flavor profile, but I still have a Feral Flying Pig to try out. Stay tuned.

    Below is the burn progression

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    Re: Liga Privada T52 Toro Review

    Great review Brent. It sounds like this cigar didn't live up to your expectations. I'm looking forward to your review of the FFP.


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