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Indian Tabac Maduro Boxer review

This is a discussion on Indian Tabac Maduro Boxer review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Here's the second of my 2 reviews of cheap cigars with over a year of rest. The Indian Tabac Maduro ...

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    Indian Tabac Maduro Boxer review

    Here's the second of my 2 reviews of cheap cigars with over a year of rest. The Indian Tabac Maduro was one of my favorites early on in my smoking career but I haven't smoked one since last summer. I was curious to see what age has done for the cigar and also to see if I still like them as they don't have a very good reputation among puffers I've found.

    Prelight: Cigar has some odd bumps along the wrapper and the color isn't uniform. It's definitely a dyed wrapper, very common for Rocky Patel maduro cigars. The prelight draw is way too loose, but the prelight flavor is nice, a general sweetness that's typical of a maduro cigar. Here's a picture of the head of the cigar. Take a look at the middle of the cigar and you'll see why I think the draw was so loose. This cigar had some construction issues.

    Now on to the flavor:
    First puff gives me a blast of flavor. Maduro sweetness with an earthy, slightly bitter tobacco core. There's a very long finish with a hint of pepper. It's a medium/full cigar that's full of maduro deliciousness. A few puffs in and pepper has come to the forefront with the maduro sweetness fading to the background with a finish of earth and cedar. Half an inch in a sort of meaty characteristic enters the mix. The pepper is still there but not as pronounced. The cigar is still great but a bit of roughness has entered the mix on the finish, a development that will continue in the cigar. After an inch I ash the cigar and get the wrapper burning again as most of it has stopped due to the construction issues. At this point the pepper is almost all gone, leaving the sweet, earthy tobacco core flavors. The body has gone down to a medium now. The first third of this cigar was wonderful, reminding me why I always liked these cigars early on in my smoking career. Sadly the second third shows why they have a bad reputation on Puff. The cigar gets bitter and it's burning terribly. I think the loose draw means that the cigar is not drawing evenly. This causes parts of the cigar to burn hot and other parts to want to go out. I'm constantly having to touch up the wrapper to keep it burning and the flavor is now nothing but bitter and harsh. At the start of the last third the draw gets a bit better and this improves the burn and the taste. The flavors of the first third never come back and the last third is just meh instead of awful.

    Final thoughts:
    The first third was as good as any smoke triple the price of the Indian Tabac. If you get a cigar properly constructed, this is the flavor you'll get the entire way. Unfortunately, these cigars aren't consistent it would appear. I've had good luck with them up to this point, but other Indian Tabac lines are the same way with their construction. For $2, or sometimes less on Cbid, maybe it's worth the risk, that's your call. Now on to the pictures.

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    Re: Indian Tabac Maduro Boxer review

    Great review, Dan. Dying is the reason why I avoid RP Maduros. I got some these in a sampler last year and I gave them to a co-worker at his retirement party. I'm glad I did now.


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