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Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (Pic intense)

This is a discussion on Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (Pic intense) within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Alright, I was looking at some reviews earlier this week and when I decided to smoke a cigar I had ...

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    Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (Pic intense)

    Alright, I was looking at some reviews earlier this week and when I decided to smoke a cigar I had no intentions of writing a review. That's how good this cigar was, it inspired me to review it.

    Size: 6x50 - Toro
    Filler: D.R., Nic.
    This cigar was fabulous. On the pre-light draw I got nothing. The cigar smelled very lightly of creamy tobacco. Maybe a buttered toast kind of smell. When I toasted it and took my first puff I got nothing at all. On the finish however I got a really nice creamy sweetness, almost vanilla that was delightful and continued until the last three puffs of the cigar. It was really something phenomenal. At about this point I dropped the cigar trying to take a picture and since I was sitting cross-legged on the ground I burned my shorts and leg a little bit. I also noticed that the opposite of tunneling was happening. I also got a pic after I let out a few curse words and brushed all the ash off my pants and phone.

    It made me very sad, the wrapper tore slightly too. At this point it was hard to keep the cigar from getting too hot, but I managed. When it got a little hot the taste greatly deteriorated. Sorry for the bad focus too. This was after about an inch and the burn was razor sharp as you can kind of see here, it wobbled SLIGHTLY after I dropped it.

    Another inch in:

    Razor sharp burn. I was really impressed with the construction of this cigar. Everything was perfect about the construction before I dropped it and tore the wrapper. The taste was really creamy and sweet, still hasn't changed. On the retrohale... nothing. When that happened I couldn't believe it. I've always got some stinging and usually more bitter flavors on the retrohale. I got nothing on this one. I was actually happy about that. When I took the next puff though I picked up on this really odd flavor. I would probably call it greenish leather, maybe moss but more grass than moss.

    At this point I stood up and checked the damage to my leg and pants.
    Small blister:

    Two tiny (out of focus) burn marks on my shorts (don't worry, that's not flesh):

    The cigar was getting really good at this point, awesome sweet tobacco with a tinge of grassy leather and an amazing, surprisingly long creamy finish. I was really, REALLY impressed at this point. I also figured I'd let you guys in on a little bit of my scenery, haha:

    Before this picture about an inch and a quarter of ash fell. Mt. Dew throwback was an awesome pair with this cigar, it accented the sweetness and creaminess greatly.

    The awesome flavor lasted all the way to about here:

    Look at that! What could cause that? I watched it happen and it was actually pretty cool. I think it was just a weakness in the wrapper, maybe where a drop of water had fallen on the cigar in my humi? Either way, it didn't really affect the flavor. After here, when I took the band off things started to get a little worse. I struggled to keep the ember burning cool, and the more I thought about it the more I realized that had a twang like stomach acid and it was getting peppery. The pepper didn't bother me much, but the almost acidic harshness did. It wasn't that intense, but it destroyed my enjoyment of the subtle flavors. The sweetness was gone, the leather dominated and the creamy aftertaste was getting more and more like burnt sugar (not caramel, burnt sugar). This thing burned like a champ though, showing the amazing construction of the cigar, despite the flaw above and me dropping it in the beginning it burned razor sharp almost all the way through.


    The sun starts to go over the buildings and I start to lose my enjoyment of this nice smoke, so shortly after this picture I put it out and threw it in the garbage. A great cigar! Got a little harsh at the end, but I'm chocking that up to my inability to put this thing down!

    Still burning okay considering it's too hot and I just couldn't take it any more. I also realized that I need to clean my fingernails! hah. The flavor here was just too harsh, but I was still enjoying the little bit of burnt sugar, leather, "greenness" that I was getting.

    Overall, this was a great cigar, it had a consistent flavor until the end and actually almost had a medium body! I would say the medium side of mild-medium but the flavor was great. The flavor, however, was quite subtle.

    This is the best cigar I think I've had. It ranks right up there with the Arturo Fuente SS and SSM, 8-5-8 and Man of War Virtue which have been my favorites so far. Thanks for reading all of this and looking at my pics, if you have any input, please, please, please help me improve my ability to review
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    Re: Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (Pic intense)

    Here is my input to help you improve your reviews....dont change a damn thing lol....great review Brandon!! I really enjoyed reading it & thats a stick i really like also.
    Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. - Unknown

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes


    Re: Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (Pic intense)

    i actually really like this cigar as well. too bad they arent cheaper :/

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    Re: Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro (Pic intense)

    That was quite an odyssey of a review. I think I need to take a shower and walk it off....

    I eagerly await your next review and the injury that will accompany it.
    I'm completely unbiased and 100% open minded. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.


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