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DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

This is a discussion on DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Cigar: Drew Estates UnderCrown Size: 5 5/8 x 46 (Corona Viva) Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Negro Binder: Connecticut Habano Filler: ...

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    Alpha Puffer Fish chris1360's Avatar


    DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    Cigar: Drew Estates UnderCrown
    Size: 5 5/8 x 46 (Corona Viva)
    Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Negro
    Binder: Connecticut Habano
    Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina & Nicaraguan Habano
    Smoke Time: 1 hour 25 minutes
    Body: Medium
    Strength: Medium
    Price: $8 -$10

    Just a quick background note: I smoked this cigar on the morning of Fathers Day, while I was smoking ribs on the grill (awesome way to start a day). I had some black coffee, community dark roast, along with it. I have smoked all of the Undercrown vitola's, and this is my third corona viva. I know several puffers have already posted reviews on this stick recently, but I want to post mine anyways because I need to practice reviewing more.

    Construction/Appearance: /5
    The construction was very good on this stick. The veins are minimal but very pronounced. The wrapper has a chocolate brown color with oily sheen. Just looking at this cigar is enough to make your mouth water. The smell of the wrapper and foot give of a hay, and rich chocolate smell, which is amazing. The band is very cool looking with the Lion head atop the upside down crown. The blue and gold colors compliment each other well. This cigar was built for eye appeal... It smells amazing, looks good enough to eat, and feels great in the hand. 5 dancing bananas out of 5 on this!

    Smoking Experience/Flavor: /5
    The first third was good with lots of choclate flavors, and a slight coffee in the background. There is a definate earth/woody flavor at the base, but the changng chocolate notes stood out the most to me. The second third was much like the first, but a spicy note crept in here and there. It was a very mild spice, and complimented the chocolate/coffee very well. The final third was almost all coffee/esspresso, with a slight spicy flavor as it heated up. Good flavor profile, good complexity, and kept me interested, which I loved! I have heard others call this vitola a med to full. My preference is full bodied, and I smoke cigarettes, so my palate may be hindered, but I would say this cigar never go above medium bodied, and medium strenght. 5 cow poops out of 5 on the flavor.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish chris1360's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    Burn/Ash: /5
    No runs, no cannoning, nothing, great burn. The cigar stayed lit, even in 5 minute times when I had to put it down. The smoke output was insane! Dew estate cigars, mostly the Undercrown and the Liga's are well known for their" choo choo train" like smoke output. The draw was good, but a tad of resistance, which I really liked. The ash held on for about 1/2 to 1 inch at a time. I purged this cigar alot, so the ash was not very solid for me, but if you do not purge alot, It will hold on great for you. 5 spanks out of 5 on the burn!

    Overall: /5
    I tired my best to find something not to like about this highly raved stick... but I couldn't. Its great in all aspects. Looks good, smokes good, taste good. What more can I ask for. I don't mind paying a bit extra for good quality, but I really think this stick is over priced becasue of the hype and popularity. The Undercrown series really reminds me of a toned down Liga No.9 in all forms. They both have alot of similar characteristics. I think this would be a good stick for ageing maybe 2 or 3 years at the most. Overall it was a solid, and well enjoyed medium stick. 5 bitch slaps out of 5 overall.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish chris1360's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    Thanks for reading my review, now here is the pron!

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish jaysalti's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    Nice review! Glad you kept the format from the previous as I find it very entertaining! I'm excited to find this stick and give it a go. I've only smoked the robusto and gran toro so far, and they can be found locally for a decent price. We shall see where this one lands on the price-point.
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    Alpha Puffer Fish chris1360's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    Im glad you like the format... I think I will make it standard for my reviews. I think its funny.

    I paid about 9 bucks for all three corona viva's from my local B&M. I assume they can be found cheaper online.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes EngenZerO's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    I'm pumped to smoke this... I picked 2 up today for 6.95 each...
    who dares wins - sas

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    Full grown Puffer Fish burritosdaily's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    haven't tried one of these yet.... but I will now. thanks!

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    Explorer of fine things.. Quine's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    Nice review and I agree, this has become one of my "go to" smokes. I love the look of the wrapper and the construction of the cigar. Besides this vitola I've smoked the robusto in this line and I think it has a shade more flavor which means that for my palate, the filler in this stick is more flavorful than the wrapper, but they're pretty close and I like these a lot.
    ...and a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke! -- Rudyard Kipling "The Betrothed"

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    Intergalactic Hussy Engineer99's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    I had the pleasure of smoking one of these this week thanks to Matthew (Quine).

    What a fantastic cigar! Every aspect from the pre light aroma and cold draw to the final nub was top notch. The thick smoke is something to behold...This one is outta the park by a country mile.

    Thanks for the review and pics!
    I'm completely unbiased and 100% open minded. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish chris1360's Avatar


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    This is becoming one of my go to smokes as well. I have had about 4 or 5 more of the corona viva's since this review. I really enjoy them, almost as much as the LP#9.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish


    Re: DE UnderCrown Corona Viva Review

    By far my personal favorite of the Undercrown line - I smoke quite a few of these.


    Steve Saka
    President, Drew Estate

    Disclaimer: We make and we sell the product, so my opinions regarding it should be regarded as biased - that being said, I think the Corona Viva is a f'ing tasty smoke. ;>


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