I picked up a few boxes of these because they are a closeout sale at Holts and I am a sucker for Lancero's. I was hoping for a good day to day smoke to add to the rotation.

This is a visually pleasing cigar. Nice dark oily wrapper with a little pig tail. The unlit aroma is somewhat subtle. I clipped it and drew a few breathes through it unlit as is my habit. Very tasty. I closed my eyes and got chocolate, hints of milk chocolate.
Great draw. Fired it up and my first impression was pepper. Very peppery. No earthiness or depth, but a very pleasant flavor. They rate this as a medium to full cigar, but I would call it closer to medium then full. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar.

The Nestor Miranda Dominicano Lancero is no earth shakingly great cigar, but it is enjoyable and at a great price. I love Lanceros ad it is getting increasingly hard to find them except at the high end price point. I may order a few more boxes to stash away and see how they age.