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Genesis The Project Robusto

This is a discussion on Genesis The Project Robusto within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; This is my first review! I wanted to do a review of "The Project" after it sat a few days ...

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    Lax Bro. Llacrossedude7's Avatar


    Genesis The Project Robusto

    This is my first review!

    I wanted to do a review of "The Project" after it sat a few days in the humi and see if it was any different than the ekengland07 ROTT review.
    These have sat in the humi for 4 days at 69%-71% humidity and 71 degrees.

    Prelight - There is very pleasant sweet chocolate smell as well as some coffee notes. There are a good bit of veins but very tight almost invisible seams. The prelight draw was a little tight but not a problem at all.

    1/3: The first third of this cigar is a nice smooth sweet taste as well as the slightest bit of pepper and earth on the finish. The pepper is just enough to coat the tip of your tongue. Draw is still a little tight but I think most people would not mind at all. Tons of thick smoke, nice smooth medium body, and a razor sharp burn. I did not experience any of the cherry flavors like Eric but my palate is not as refined as his.

    2/3: The pepper flavor is a little bit more noticeable now but still not very strong. Still maintains its sweetness as well as the slight earthy flavors it had in the 1/3. The 1/3 ash held on for about and inch. Burn is not razor sharp but does not require any touch-ups. Still a solid medium to medium-full.

    3/3: The 2/3 ash fell of right before I started the final third. At this point it still medium-full working towards the fuller side. Still maintaining the sweet flavor but now the pepper has died down and almost is unnoticeable. Still earthy and is the burn evened back out and is now razor sharp. The final third is almost identical to the 2/3 but with less pepper. Still tons of smoke all the way down to the nub.

    Overall this is a awesome stick for the price and I would recommend this to anyone who wants something similar to the Liga #9 without the price tag. One thing that stood out to me about this stick is how long it stayed evenly lit while I was not puffing on it. I left it for about 3 minutes and it was still perfectly lit when I came back. It held a pretty solid ash nothing special but it want be dropping in your lap every 5 minutes. So I would tell anyone to go pick this up on CI for $60. 100% worth it. If you do pick these up let them sit a few days in the humi. I would give this a solid 89/100. It will only get better with time. I will be buying these again. Great everyday smoke.

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    True Derelict Fuzzy's Avatar


    Re: Genesis The Project Robusto

    Great first review, Nick! Between you and Nick, my curiosity is making me want to break my budget for some of these.
    I don't always drink beer,,,
    OK, yes I do

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    Lax Bro. Llacrossedude7's Avatar


    Re: Genesis The Project Robusto

    I'm thinking this could be a new stick that really just sweeps the market and for the price you can't beat it.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish haebar's Avatar


    Re: Genesis The Project Robusto

    Nice review!

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    Intergalactic Hussy Engineer99's Avatar


    Re: Genesis The Project Robusto

    I smoked only a few ROTT and really like the flavor profile and full body and I imagine they will only get better with more rest.

    I already ordered my second box of robustos.
    I'm completely unbiased and 100% open minded. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.


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