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Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

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    The Karate Squid Aninjaforallseasons's Avatar


    Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project robusto

    Aquired: Trade/box split with ekengland07
    Time in humi: n/a; smoked on day of receipt.
    Total Age: Unknown, but these were very recently released, so I'm guessing not much!

    Surprisingly beautiful. For a $3 stick, I was expecting it to look a little rough, but it's a good looking stick. Very little tooth, veins and seams are visible, but quite flat, no raised anything anywhere. Under the wrapper there are no visible bulges or veins either. Firm to the touch, and a lovely dark chocolate/espresso color.

    Smells of barnyard, hay, and cacao. Cold draw tastes of wood, leather, and a hint of baking spices.

    First Third:
    Warm in tone, very little pepper at the light, which surprised me. Smooth almost from the very start. Lots of smoke output, which is also a pleasant surprise. Not Liga Privada output, but still the smoke billows from the mouth and streams from the lit end and even a bit from the cut. Sweet chocolate, baking spices in the background. Very nice, though I can tell from the beginning this is not going to be the Liga Privada No.9 replacement some online reviews have compared it to. It lacks the sweet cedar, opting instead for a somewhat flatter sweetness to the chocolate, like semisweet chocolate chips. But on it's own, it's starting off impressively as a very nice cigar. Still a little rough around the edges flavorwise, but very, very smooth smoke. As I get to a half-inch in, it settles on mostly that semisweet chocolate, and wood. Razor sharp burn so far. At an inch in, it begins to really come into it's own. Hints of cedar meld with some spices. incidentally, I have a hard time identifying the baking spices in almost every cigar. This isn't Illusione MJ-13 spices, it's much more akin to the Liga Privada spices in flavor, but I'll be darned if I can identify them specifically. Perhaps a trip to the wife's pantry is in order soon!). Those spices meld with rich sweet dark chocolate, and wood. The blend is proving to be a bit more complex than originally thought, as the flavors to seem to change every quarter inch or so. Bakers chocolate, fragrant wood are at the forefront now. Ash is a very light grey, almost white, and is very solid. It's a bit too sweet, with almost a bit of raisin to it, and I'm wishing it had a bit of that savory spice I find in the Dirty Rat. If the sweetness were a little more chocolatey, and a bit less sugary, and if it had that spice, I would be head over heels right now, but as it is, it's pleasant enough still.

    Second Third:
    Wood comes forward, the sweetness recedes a bit, which is nice. The baking spices are still present. Baker's chocolate and wood remain upfront for a while, but the tone is cooler now, which is also nice. I can now see the comparison to the LP9, though the cedar is noticeably absent. Draw remains firm, but not too tight, burn is still razor sharp, though the smoke output has settled into a more normal volume, which is disappointing only due to the volume at the beginning. It's still quite adequate and satisfactory. The flavors really linger on the palate long after the smoke has been exhaled! The flavors have become a bit stale, for lack of a better way of putting it as I approach the halfway point. It just seems a touch flat. The wood doesn't shine like it did at the beginning of this third. Ash finally falls just before the halfway point, and I take the opportunity to purge gently. That helps a bit, and somewhere just beyond the halfway point, the momentary staleness is left behind. The Genesis peaks between the halfway point and the final third, the primary note being the wood flavor, but not at all in a bad way. It's more fragrant now, a hint of cedar, though I'm wishing for more. Semisweet chocolate and spices round out the flavors nicely.

    Final Third:
    As the final third begins, the smoke warms, rounding out further the flavors that have reached their peak. Wood still remains the primary characteristic, but it remains more fragrant, and the semisweet chocolate and spices are not far behind. Interestingly the smoke output has picked up again, and the ash finally falls for the second time with about an inch and a half remaining. I smoke it down to about an inch and let it die as I contemplate my thoughts on this very interesting cigar.

    This is no Liga Privada, but it's a good cigar in it's own right. I wouldn't call it a premium in disguise, but it's no ordinary "Cigars International hype stick" either, and it's definitely a good buy at $3 a stick. I'd place it solidly in my "good bargain" cigar rotation right next to the 601 Blue in terms of value. This one was genuinely good. Not great, but good. And keep in mind, this was ROTT after two shipping trips (once to Eric, then on to me).  I'll be very interested, very interested indeed, to see how it does with a little rest, and again with a little age. I'm guessing it improves greatly!
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    Smoking makes me go Poo! Shemp75's Avatar


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    I am itching to smoke one of this (got my box in last week) but I will try and hit up a B&M and bring one along.Its stifling hot in NY for outdoor smoking.

    I hate the hype about it claiming to be a Liga 9 clone though (not you ninja). If its a good enough smoke for the$$ I dont care what its supposed to be like. Great review.
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    The Karate Squid Aninjaforallseasons's Avatar


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    Shemp, I hear you in the LP9 clone thing, but honestly that's why I checked out this stick to begin with. I have several bargain sticks I like and wasn't planning on looking for another, but I would love to find an inexpensive No9 clone. Alas, this wasn't it, but it may have found a home in my budget stick rotation anyway!
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    New York BOTL loulax07's Avatar


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    Oh well, the wrapper does look very LP-esque
    I have a 10er that I'm going to let sit. I heard from some others that they seemed a bit bitter so hopefully some time remedies that.
    Veni Vidi Vici

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    Alpha Puffer Fish


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    I just finished the Muy Bueso version of this cigar (6.5 x 60) and I agree about it NOT being a Liga9 replacement. I think the longer version does offer a bit more complexity but overall it is very similar start to finish. I agree, it is quite beautiful to look at. Construction is good and the oil glistening off it makes you wonder if they polished the damn thing before they boxed and shipped it. I was going to put my own review up because I did see some variance from what others have seen with the robusto. If there is an interest, I will. Let me know. Overall I got a similar feeling, that it is a good cigar, one that I will be happy to have in my rotation. However, they will most definitely benefit from some aging. Mine was also ROTT with maybe 5 days in the humidor.
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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    Great review, I will keep them in mind next time I'am ready to buy sounds like something I'll really like.

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    Intergalactic Hussy Engineer99's Avatar


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    I recently smoked the second robusto out of the box I got and it definitely benefits from some rest. I have to remember that the first one was right after it spent 8 days bouncing around a truck in some hot summer temps, so after giving them time to settle a bit and smoking the second one, I have a better idea of what this cigar is all about.

    I found it very enjoyable. Right off the bat there was a lot of that spicy/sweet thing I like a lot and the burn and construction were top notch. The flavors were solid to the nub and it didn't get mushy or too hot. I enjoyed the first part of the final third the best where it seemed to pick up another dimension I can't readily identify, but found pleasing.

    At the current price, I have another box coming to stash and not touch for a while, since I think these will do really well with some significant rest on them.
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    Maturing Puffer Fish Cigar5150's Avatar


    Re: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Review

    Great review. I really like these and just bought another ten for 3.40 apiece. IMHO they are more than just a good bargain cigar, and benefit from a little rest. I have no Liga experience to compare it with. I do know it's not as power/flavor packed as the Padron maduros I prefer, but it's a sweet, creamy maduro that goes great with tequila.


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