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A.Fuente Hemingway Signature

This is a discussion on A.Fuente Hemingway Signature within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; I have been meaning for quite a long time to do a review of some of the cigars I smoke ...

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    A.Fuente Hemingway Signature

    I have been meaning for quite a long time to do a review of some of the cigars I smoke but none have really compelled me to do so until now. Todays review will be on the Arturo Fuente Hemingway series Signature vitola. From the Fuente website http://arturofuente.com/#/hemingway it explains that the hemingway series was the first extension offered by the Fuentes. It further goes on to explain that Carlos's grandfather Arturo used to make these cigars ( probably in another variation ) back in the 20's,30's and 40's as they were very popular. They brought back these Perfecto shaped in order to preserve tradition and the old world style of cigar making from years past. So on that note lets get on to the review.

    MFG - A. Fuente
    series- Hemingway Signature
    size- 6" x 46 RG
    Wrapper- Cameroon
    Binder and filler - Dominican Republic

    Purchased 7/17/12 from Hudson Valley cigars
    smoked 7/17/12 at my house
    price paid- $11.99 ( keep in mind I live in NY and our taxes are insane )

    Construction - As with every A.Fuente cigar I have ever had the construction is near flawless. This cigar sports a medium brownish tan slightly mottled Cameroon wrapper that has a small imperfection near the center of the cigar that was a result of the torcedor not using enough "gum" to seal the wrapper at it's end point. This was a easy home fix and after a total of 1 second it was looking mint. The Hemingway series are all perfecto in shape and therefore more difficult to roll but despite this I found no soft or overly packed spots as well as the tipped foot being firm.

    A.Fuente Hemingway Signature-chakka-250.jpg

    At this point I decided to use my drew Estates flat back cutter and did a double cut to open it up as i wanted to get as full a draw as possible as perfecto's in my expierence tend to be a bit tght on the draw.

    pre light aroma- the wrapper had a somewhat hay like aroma as well as a sweetness to it

    pre light draw - the draw was absolutely amazing not too loose or tight and the double cut was probably unnecessary. I picked up sweet tobacco and that hay like aroma I smelled on the wrapper. TO THE FLAME IT GOES !!!

    1/3- I used a 3 banger torch lighter but decided to go old school and left the foot intact and lit the perfecto tip and put my faith in this cigar it would burn evenly. Upon Lighting I immediately was taken aback by the unique combination of spice and a moderate amount of sweetness not like a cloying type of sweetness nor the kind you may find in a flavored cigar but the kind that reminds me of a sweet ice tea minus the tea or lemon. As this third progressed the cigar changed up a bit introducing a cedar like quality that blended wonderfuly with the sweetness and spice. I did pick up a moderate amount of spice on the retrohale but not offensively. The cigar to my expectation had burned evenly and kept a fairly straight burn throughout this third. Great amount of smoke being produced as well.

    A.Fuente Hemingway Signature-chakka-252.jpg

    2/3- Not really too many changes have taken place durning this third though there are no complaints at all the spicy and unique flavor of the cameroon wrapper is complimenting the sweetness form the sungrown leaf and the cedar from the aged tobbaco's that are used in this blend excellently and do not become redundant at any point. The burn is actually even straighter now than in the first third. Towards the middle of this third the spice has faded and so has the sweetness and the cedar has become very smooth and hints of a light coffee waver in and out. Still has a great amount of smoke being produced.

    A.Fuente Hemingway Signature-chakka-253.jpg

    3/3 - In this final third there is one more twist the cedar and coffee flavors meld even more and the strength as I would expect really began to ramp up and also left a bit longer finish than the other 3rds. There were no further changes in this 3rd other than strength and heavier flavors developing and becoming prominent.

    Conclusion- As I expected from smoking other vitolas within this line I would not be dissapointed by any means. This cigar could be great first thing in the morning or luch or diner or just about anytime the urge struck to have a cigar. there is not a whole lot of complexity to this cigar though more than some others I smoke. really only 2 changes between the 2nd and 3rd and only plays on flavors that are already present except for the light coffe in the final 3rd. As to the price point if you live anywhere outside of New York you will find this cigar anywhere from $7-$8 and is well, very well worth the price i have paid much more to smoke much less than this cigar. Here in New York as i stated above I paid $11.99 and I still think the price is justified by just how wonderful this cigar really is. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone from the novice to the expierenced smoker as the flavors are easy to pick out and very enjoyable not too strong but at the same time not really mild either try them out I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I did.

    A.Fuente Hemingway Signature-chakka-256.jpg
    " It has always been my rule to never smoke while asleep, and never to refrain while awake " - Mark Twain

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    Re: A.Fuente Hemingway Signature

    Nice review Aaron, thanks!
    Tobacco Cellar: http://www.tobaccocellar.com/mcgreggor57
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    Re: A.Fuente Hemingway Signature

    Quote Originally Posted by mcgreggor57 View Post
    Nice review Aaron, thanks!
    Hope it helps it's really one of my favorite sticks the whole line is actually I find the smaller ring gauge ( below 50 ) burns a little hotter and enhances the flavor.
    " It has always been my rule to never smoke while asleep, and never to refrain while awake " - Mark Twain


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