Cigar: Tatuaje Baby Face (Little Monsters Series)
Size: 4.5 x 46
Filler: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Mexican
Price: $7.50ea (Box of 10 Little Monsters Contains 2 Baby Face cigars for $75+)
Individual Weight: 10.5g

Pre-Light: As part of the “Little Monster” Series, the Baby Face is a junior sized replica of the original release of their highly acclaimed Face cigar that was released on October 13th, 2010. Basically, the business plan is this: Pete Johnson will make a limited edition run of cigars every October, and limit the amount that is produced and limit the amount of vendors that carry them. This drives sales and profit by making them hard to come by and therefor sought after. And it works like a charm. Sales of the Original Face were fierce, and they sold out quickly, effectively raising the market value of each cigar by 50-100% in the resale market. Named after The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s lead villain, Leather face, The Baby face is an candy bar sized cigar what features a slight belicoso tip, a closed foot and a the absence of a band in favor of a patch of Connecticut shade wrapper. The original Face was touted as a cigar that would “smash your face in”, so let’s see if its little brother is up to the same task.
1/3rd: The first third starts off dry and earthy, almost Honduran in flavor. The first inch or so reminds me of a Saint Luis Rey Serie G, with a bit more spice added to the flavor profile. There are also notes of vanilla, cedar and a bit of honey. The ash glows bright white, and the burn is dead even, the mark of a good roller. At about an inch in to the stick, the flavors shift slightly to the softer side, picking up a creamy texture rather in place of the spicy pin pricks at the back of the throat I’ve been experiencing so far with this cigar. A retro hale provides sweet notes of caramel and hay, with very little spice left to burn the sinuses. The smoke in this cigar is extremely smooth and alluring.

˝ Way: The halfway point is marked by a very woody base accented by notes of caramel, brown sugar, and macadamia nuts. The smoke isn’t as full-bodied as I would have imagined prior to lighting as I figure any cigar that threatens to “smash your face in” would be a very heavy and dense in the way of smoke. No, this cigar is nuanced, blended well, and from what I can tell, medium bodied with medium strength. The cigar reminds me of something of a hybrid between a Tatuaje Black Label and a Fausto in the sense that it carries all the sweet notes that the Black Label possesses, but has a much spicier note that comes and goes between draws.

Final 3rd: My first draw of the final third produces a very long chocolate note that stays on my tongue for over a minute. A drastic change from the previous flavors that the cigar has presented, but still a very nice surprise for a cigar that I had written off as containing very little chocolate of coffee. Finishing smooth and medium to full strength, with a medium body, this cigar didn’t exactly “smash my face in” but it did prove to be a great smoke none the less. The bit of “Connecticut shade wrapper” that I mentioned in the review previously seems to be more of a “Habano seed wrapper”, as it added a bunch of spice to the end of the cigar. Nubbing it down to the very end, I burn the tips of my fingers trying to extract every last cloud of smoke out of this fantastically flavored stick.

Final Thoughts: The Tatuaje Baby Face is a great cigar at a great price. Being less expensive than a Tatuaje Black Label Petite Lancero by over a dollar, and weighing three grams more than the Black Label, this cigar is a solid buy for us. Only thing is, you only get two per box as they are part of the Little Monsters series that features 2 cigars each of 5 blends that are the mini replicas of the original release counterparts. We loved the flavors that the cigar offered and would highly recommend them to any smoker who likes spicier cigar.

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